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Metal Gear Solid is the first in a long line of Playstation based stealth action games. The Games deal primarily with conspiracy theories involving nuclear weapons, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and censorship. With the exception of Metal Gear Solid 3 every game is played mostly through the eyes of the character Solid Snake.

In each installment Snake would have to sneak into a place occupied with either terrorist or communist and rescue important government or military officials then destroy a Metal Gear and defeat super human bosses.

Conservative Themes

The Games all contain heavy messages about the dangers of cloning, even though the main character is himself a clone.

In Metal Gear Solid 4 the entire world adopts a weapons system that allows only the military to use guns. The system is eventually taken over by terrorist and the entire world is put in danger of terrorist by gun control.

The main villain of Metal Gear Solid 3 is a bisexual Russian communist who tortures people for fun and ended up nuking his own people to further his own goals.

Every super natural character is evil or misguided.

The character Vamp is a bisexual terrorist who killed several of the good characters in the series. Vamp also has many super natural powers though they are all explained through nano machines.

Even though Solid Snake is a good character and has to defeat evil he still shows compassion for his fallen enemies even going as far as granting them their final wishes.

The Communist Russians create a nuclear weapon during the Cold War the breaks many treaties and ethics and plan to use it to end the Cold War but are stopped by Big Boss.

The secretive villain throughout all the Metal Gear Solid games is actually a former British soldier who decides to control the world through censorship.

Some of the villains go through redemption before their deaths.

Snake refuses sex and his sexual urges several times throughout the series.

Former Mercenary and terrorist Grey Fox is resurrection through science to be used to fight more but instead decides to give his life to save Solid Snake.

Despite being stronger then some of the men in game none of the women are actually lesbians and are all completely heterosexual.