Mexico by World Painters

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Mexico by World Painters

Foreign painters have contributed to preserve Mexican history, landscape, tradition, genre, still life, and general culture.

Desire Charnay, Campechana, ca. 1866.
Arnold Belkin, Mural at UAM, Mexico, ca. 1986.
Afroyim Soshana, Alone in Mexico, 1969.
Tamiji Kitagawa, Naturaleza muerta, ca. 1920.
Fanny Rabel, Detail of Mural "Ronda en el tiempo", 1964-1965.
Pedro Gauldi, Vista de la Catedral y parte del Zócalo en México, ca. 1840s.

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Surrealist painter Pedro Friedeberg, active in Mexico.
Mathias Goeritz, El cuadro de los cuadros.
Roger Von Gunten at work, 2009.

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Lelyana Kurniawati, Me, Frida and Liberty (Copied-version of a Frida Kahlo painting).

Grace Relfe, Frida Kahlo, ca. 2005.
Fumiko Nakashima, Biodivisidad UNAM, 2010.