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For the former governor of Louisiana, see Mike Foster.

Michael Beresford Foster (1903-1959) was a tutor in philosophy of Oxford University's Christ Church. For a period up until his death he was the chairman of the British Student Christian Movement.[1] His works remain important to the history of science.


Further reading

Creation, Nature, and Political Order in the Philosophy of Michael Foster (1903-1959): The Classic Mind Articles and Others, with Modern Critical Essays, Cameron Wybrow, Michael Beresford Foster, E. Mellen Press, 1993, ISBN 0773492070, 347 pages

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  2. "These articles provide a philosophical analysis of the relation between various docrines of God and their respective philosophies of nature. [Foster] specifically connects the voluntaristic doctrine of God with early modern natural philosophy (Empiricism)...his articles are the basis of some later works which do apply his analysis to seventeenth-century England." Quoted from Science and Religion in the English Speaking World, 1600-1727 A Bibliographic Guide to the Secondary Literature, Richard S. Brooks & David K. Himrod, Scarecrow Press, 2001, ISBN 0-8108-4011-1, p.139