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Michael Glatze speaking to the mother of Matthew Shepard (Credit: Harvard University photo)

Michael Glatze is former ‘gay rights’ activist and ex-editor and co-founder of a San Francisco-based, youth-focused homosexual magazines XY Magazine and Young Gay America (YGA magazine)[1] who later quit homosexual lifestyle[2] and denounced it as flawed and mistaken. This fact caused the angry homosexuals spreading all sorts of hate and aggression towards him on pro-homosexual blogs such as Truth Wins Out by Wayne Besen. Glatze maintains that they are trying to misrepresent him as some kind of "right-wing fanatic" who ought to just be "wiped out." But he asks them that instead of desiring to plot his death, they should consider the possibility that he has a legitimate right to life and a legitimate right to his own spiritual decisions, and life decisions.[3]

Coming out
‘Coming out’ from under the influence of the homosexual mindset was the most liberating, beautiful and astonishing thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.”
— Michael Glatze

Influences from Early Life and Homosexual Lifestyle in Youth

Glatze claimed he became aware of his same-sex attractions at about the age of 14 and publicly declared himself “gay” at age 20. He maintains that homosexuality came easy to him, because he was already weak -his mom died when he was 19 and his father when he was only 13. At an early age, he was already confused about who he was and how he felt about others. At age 22, he became an editor of the first magazine aimed at a young, gay male audience and that bordered on pornography in its photographic content.

In 2004, Glatze moved from San Francisco to Halifax in eastern Canada where his partner, publisher of Young Gay America magazine launched the same year, had family. As founding editor of this magazine, Glatze received numerous awards, including the National Role Model Award from the major ‘gay rights’ organization Equality Forum. PBS television and MSNBC invited him to appear in their media and Time magazine wrote about “The Battle Over Gay Teens” on the front page.[1] With support from PBS affiliates and Equality Forum he also produced the first major documentary film “Jim In Bold”[4] about homosexual teen suicide which won numerous “best in festival” awards worldwide. Although the magazine made an attempt to provide a “virtuous counterpart” to the other media aimed at homosexual youth, he considers it now just for pretension and admits that in fact it was as damaging as anything else in that category, just not so overtly pornographic. It promoted homosexuality which destroys impressionable minds and confuses their developing sexuality. During the period of his editorship at YGA magazine, he regarded the opponents of homosexual activism for being “mean and crazy,” and was afraid that “they wanted to hurt [him].” In 2005 he was asked to speak on the prestigious JFK Jr. Forum at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government where he featured in a panel with mother of slain homosexual Matthew Shepard.

The Process of Transformation

Nevertheless, after a decade in which his leadership role in the homosexual activist world grew, he experienced simultaneously a mysterious inner conflict, even in the darkest days of late-night parties, substance abuse and all kinds of things, – at the end of which he finally was “liberated”: “‘coming out’ from under the influence of the homosexual mindset was the most liberating, beautiful and astonishing thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.” Consequently, in 2007 he has given up activism, cut himself off from the homosexual community and stepped down as co-founder of XY Magazine where he walked out by leaving a note on his computer with bottom line: "Homosexuality is death, and I choose life." The radical change and transformation in his life, Glatze recalls, began after he started to question his homosexual lifestyle following a health scare and with inner “promptings” that he now attributes to God. He calls homosexual sex purely “lust-based,” meaning it can never fully satisfy.[2] He also made a decision to break up with his ex-partner of 10 years and in 2013 married a woman, Rebekah.[5] Glatze attributed much help “in the process of healing from the profound influences of evil in our current society” to reading the book The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian and he expressed a deep respect also for his Christian aunt who disapproved his former homosexual lifestyle and whom he portrays now as “never judgmental, but always firm.”

Personal Testimony

Michael Glatze made the following testimony about his experience with homosexual lifestyle and behavior:[6]

Lust takes us out of our bodies, “attaching” our psyche onto someone else’s physical form. That’s why homosexual sex – and all other lust-based sex – is never satisfactory: It’s a neurotic process rather than a natural, normal one. Normal is normal – and has been called normal for a reason.

Abnormal means “that which hurts us, hurts normal.” Homosexuality takes us out of our normal state, of being perfectly united in all things, and divides us, causing us to forever pine for an outside physical object that we can never possess. Homosexual people – like all people – yearn for the mythical true love, which does actually exist. The problem with homosexuality is that true love only comes when we have nothing preventing us from letting it shine forth from within. We cannot fully be ourselves when our minds are trapped in a cycle and group-mentality of sanctioned, protected and celebrated lust. God came to me when I was confused and lost, alone, afraid and upset. He told me – through prayer – that I had nothing at all to be afraid of, and that I was home; I just needed to do a little house cleaning in my mind. I believe that all people, intrinsically, know the truth. I believe that is why Christianity scares people so much. It reminds them of their conscience, which we all possess. Conscience tells us right from wrong and is a guide by which we can grow and become stronger and freer human beings. Healing from sin and ignorance is always possible, but the first thing anyone must do is get out of the mentalities that divide and conquer humanity. Sexual truth can be found, provided we’re all willing and driven to accept that our culture sanctions behaviors that harm life. Guilt should be no reason to avoid the difficult questions. Homosexuality took almost 16 years of my life and compromised them with one lie or another, perpetuated through national media targeted at children. ...

As a leader in the “gay rights” movement, I was given the opportunity to address the public many times. If I could take back some of the things I said, I would. Now I know that homosexuality is lust and pornography wrapped into one. I’ll never let anybody try to convince me otherwise, no matter how slick their tongues or how sad their story. I have seen it. I know the truth.


Glatze's story was subject of a movie I Am Michael, starring James Franco and Zachary Quinto.[7]


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