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Michael Shermer, Ph.D. is the founder of The Skeptics Society, Editor in Chief of the magazine Skeptic and a historian of science. He and his organization investigate supernatural, pseudoscientific, pseudohistorical and extraordinary claims. He is a self-described libertarian and a Fundamentalist Christian turned "agnostic," though his worldview is clearly that of naturalistic atheism.[1][2]

For roughly two decades, Shermer has been spreading misinformation about the creationist movement through the Skeptic magazine and in person, in order to promote Darwinism.

In 2009, intelligent design proponents Dr. Stephen Meyer and Dr. Richard Sternberg debated Dr. Michael Shermer and Dr. Donald Prothero concerning on the topic of the origin of life.[3] The Discovery Institute declared concerning the debate:

To call the debate a massacre would be a discredit to Sitting Bull. The only thing I can say is that Shermer needs to add a point to his booklet on how to debate "creationists" — namely, leave Donald Prothero at home in his van by the river...

Some of the best points came later in the debate, when Sternberg slammed Prothero with factual put down after factual put down, citing the current literature time and again. His command of the subject matter — from population genetics to junk DNA — was so far and above beyond Shermer and Prothero's knowledge, so far above their pay grade, that it was almost painful to watch him school them point after point. As I said before, shortly you'll be able to watch the debate for yourself. But be warned, it isn't pretty.[4]

An audio copy of the debate has been made available to the public.[3] In addition, the debate is available at YouTube.[5]