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Militant gays is a term to describe the intolerant behavior of homosexual activists that seek to intimidate, suppress, vandalize, and assault anybody that opposes their homosexual movement. Militant gays seek civil rights, marriage for their same-sex partners, adoption of children, and federal and state benefits. They try to indoctrinate younger generations, organize protests to further their agenda and oppose traditional family values. Harmless Christians are almost always their target. [1]

Militant gays have powerful allies including Democrats, Hollywood, Big Media and last but not least lawyers. When they are denied their agenda by legal means or through the democratic process, the results are mob assaults, death threats [2][3] and vandalism. [4]

Examples of morally offensive, anti-American behavior

The radical homosexual anarchist group known as "Bash Back! planned for over a month the assault on the Mt. Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan. November 9, 2008 a band of about 30 homosexuals stormed the church during services shouting “Jesus was a homo” on a megaphone and carrying an upside-down pink cross. They distributed fliers to passersby, threw condoms at parishioners and set off the fire alarms. [5] Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded, “This is urban fascism come to America’s heartland."

Mass Resistance has compiled a list of militant gay actions in the wake of California's successful Proposition 8 campaign. [6]

More than 200 protesters screamed and chanted in front of the Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles during Sunday services, intimidating families.
Street preacher gets physically assaulted at a gay pride event in Seattle. [7]
In Palm Springs, an enraged crowd of homosexual activists attacked an elderly woman carrying a cross.
Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church was targeted, a swastika constructed. Same situation occurred targeting parishioners at a Catholic church in Riverside, Ca.
A disgusting anti-Mormon TV ad was broadcast across California, portraying LDS missionaries invading a home of lesbians.
Several thousand homosexual activists rioted at a Mormon temple in the Los Angeles
Lesbians parked a van with a big sign "Bigots" in front of a Mormon family's house (parents and five kids) near San Francisco.
A Mormon church near Sacramento was spray-painted with "No on 8" .
A Sacramento theater director was forced to resign from his job after it was revealed that he had given a $1000 donation to the Yes on Prop 8 committee.
There were instances of cars vandalized with Hate 8 engraved with a knife.

Gay activists have disrupted and viciously vandalized churches nationwide for their stances against gay "marriage."[8]

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