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Military (latin: militaris - a soldier) is an adjective meaning relating to, or characteristic of members of the armed forces.

The military is a noun that refers either to the armed forces of a country, or the personnel.

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IN RELATION TO THE PAGE ON LIBERALS: (considering it won't let me edit the flippen page itself.) "-Insisting that men and women have the same jobs in the military"

What in the world is wrong with that?! My mom and dad (both Navy Seabees for 25 years) deserve to be able to work the same jobs. If they dont, thats totally being sexist.

Being a Liberal doesn't mean your a horrible person. It just means your more open to people having freedom. So we give people the right to look at porn. If they want to do it, let them be gross. I'm liberal. I don't watch it.

I go to a Catholic school. I have liberal teachers. They allow us to pray. They are good people.

So really, i don't care if im blocked for this. But you people (not just the conservatives but also the liberals who have all these weird bible thumper ideas) GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR REAR ENDS.

Good People are Good People. So get over yourselves.

God Bless, TheRavensVoice