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Mobocracy is a synonym for ochlocracy, the rule by a group of people unrestrained by any meaningful principles. A mobocracy has a tendency to be arbitrary and to engage in bullying towards critics or dissenters. Wikis and other online communities tend towards mobocracy if strong measures aren't taken to prevent this. Many conservatives feel that Wikipedia® takes inadequate measures.[1] In some cases, democracy can also be demonstrated by mobocracy. Infamous examples of these include the French Revolution, as well as the leftist protestors in Wisconsin and the various leftist rioters such as antifa during the Donald Trump administration, as well as the events of Ferguson and Barack Obama's inferring that the rioters on the streets were the "true voice of democracy.".

People tend to be indulgent toward mobocracy when they assume that the mob will necessarily side with them. When they are proved wrong, they often do an about face and say that the whims of the mob should not determine morality.

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