Monopoly (board game)

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Monopoly's mascot, Rich Uncle Pennybags.

Monopoly is an American board game designed by Charles B. Darrow in 1934 . Originally distributed by Parker Brother, Monopoly is now the property of Hasbro. is one the best-known American board games. Although checkers and chess are better-known, neither is an American invention.

In Monopoly, 2 or more players take turns rolling dice and moving their tokens clockwise through boxes drawn around the edges of a square board based on the street names of Atlantic City NJ. Upon landing in a box, a player:

  1. may buy the property if no other player owns it
  2. must pay rent to the player who owns it
  3. draws a Chance or Community Chest card

When you pass Go you collect $200. If you land on Jail or Free Parking, nothing happens. The box marked Go To Jail is self-explanatory.

Landing on Luxury Tax costs you $75. Income Tax requires some arithmetic, though. You must pay either 10% of the total of (1) your cash and (2) the purchase price of all your properties and improvements. or, $200


Overseas versions have cities appropriate for the their marketplace, for example the British version of the game has squares based upon areas within London.