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Moors is an archaic name given to the inhabitants of what is now Morocco and Algeria, most famously Othello, Shakespeare's "Moor of Venice." After Islamic armies conquered the Moors, the Moorsish people fought under the Islamic banner and conquered Spain for Islam in 711. They continued to occupy parts of Spain for the next 700 years until the final Reconquista of 1492, which expelled them.

Moors are thought to have invaded and settled in Ireland, resulting in the "Black Irish" today. In the summer of 1631, Moors invaded Baltimore in West Cork, Ireland, and kidnapped more than 100 men, women, and children for slavery in Africa.[1]

In Great Britain, upland areas of uncultivated rough grazing, characterized by boggy terrain and abundance of ericaceous plants such as heather, are also known as moors.