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Mozilla Firefox v43.0.4 running on Windows 7.
Mozilla Firefox v2.0 running on Windows Vista.
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Mozilla Firefox is a free, open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The software is licensed under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0 and is one of the main competitors of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, along with Google Chrome.

In 2017, Mozilla's Project Quantum developed a new browser engine. A developer edition of the browser with this new engine was released in September 2017.[1] This new engine is at least twice as fast as the old gecko engine, and still uses less system memory that Chromium.[2][3]


Mozilla Firefox is a fairly fast, stable browser with plenty of options. As a product of Mozilla's sizable open source community, it is unlikely to contain any major bugs. It also can be customized with a variety of addons from Mozilla's library. Third party plugins may also be added to the browser.
With the development of the new "quantum" engine, this browser has apparently doubled its performance.[3]


When compared to Chromium, this browser does not perform quite as quickly. Although addons are plentiful and easy to create, they must be frequently updated, or the browser will disable them. Additionally, Mozilla has taken a very liberal political stance, which some find hard to agree with. For these reasons, some opt for forks of Firefox.


Firefox was originally developed as an offshoot of the Mozilla Browser project, developed by Netscape, as a lightweight version of the software. The original Mozilla browser was extremely feature rich, including such things as an HTML editor, which created a large and correspondingly slow piece of software. Firefox has gone through several name changes, all due to existing trademarks. It was originally named Phoenix, then Firebird and finally Firefox.

Market penetration

Since its original release in 2002, Firefox had a continued increase in the market share of web browsers until 2009, then a small decline due to competition from Google Chrome. Exact numbers are difficult to determine, but as of November 2012 worldwide, Firefox had a 24% share,[4] and as of November 2012, 28.5% in Europe.[5]

The browser is officially supported in over 70 languages,[6] and is available for the different versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. Unofficial builds are available for Sun Microsystems Solaris, BSD, and other operating systems.

Political Stance and boycotts of the Mozilla browser

The Mozilla Foundation, which develops the web browser, supports the homosexual agenda. After CEO Brendan Eich, the creator of the programming language javascript,[7] was exposed as opposing same-sex "marriage" in California's Proposition 8 campaign, he was forced to resign.[8] He held the same exact view as the Obama did nevertheless, selective outrage is the liberal way.

Boycotts of the Mozilla browser

Some conservatives/libertarians are encouraging people to uninstall Firefox and instead use open-source web browsers based on Mozilla Firefox or use other browser alternatives.[9][10] For example, Vox Day is encourage people to migrate to the Pale Moon browser which is based on the Mozilla Firefox browser and Dennis Prager encouraged people to uninstall Firefox.[11]

There are other browsers based on Firefox such as the Comodo IceDragon browser and the Waterfox browser (which is reportedly faster than the Firefox browser).[12][13] The Brave web Browser is 27% Faster than the Firefox browser.

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