Muslim agenda of the Obama administration

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Barack Obama and his administration has taken the following actions relating to Muslims.

Barack Hussein Obama bowing to the Saudi King.

Obama Presidency Year One

  • Obama’s first interview, within days of inauguration, was with the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya Networks. In it he stressed his own Muslim ties and his hopes for a Palestinian state. His message was “U.S. is not your enemy.”
  • In February, Obama ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in migration assistance to the Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza. In addition, he pledged to provide $900 million in aid for rebuilding the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
  • Obama sets a withdrawal date for U.S. troops in Iraq of 2010
  • On March 19th, Obama delivered a customary speech to the Iranian people on their New Year referring to the Islamic Republic of Iran which amounted to an acceptance of the regime.
  • Obama submits resolution to the U.N. Human Rights Council which would subordinate U.S. free speech rights to U.N. oversight standards. This has been a key demand by Muslims to punish others for speaking against Islam. [1]
  • Obama has lifted some sanctions on Syria and intends to meet personally with Bashar al-Assad. [2]
  • Obama cancels the use of the term Global War on Terror in favor of Overseas Contingency Operation, so as not to offend Muslims.
  • In March, Barack Obama said he was open to the idea of reaching out to moderate elements of the Taliban. [3]
  • March 31st, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said those "who abandoned [Muslim] extremism must be granted an honorable form of reconciliation." [4]
  • Obama arrives in Turkey to proclaim the U.S. is not at war with Islam.
  • Obama requests emergency war funds for Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Obama orders the successful rescue of American Capt. Richard Phillips from Muslim Somali pirates.
  • Obama nominated Dalia Mogahed to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. She has ties to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. [6]
  • April 21, Obama meets with Jordanian King Abdullah in the Oval Office.
  • Obama said that despite the hate speech by Ahmadinejad at Monday's U.N. racist conference, the administration is "serious about engagement with Iran with no illusions." [7]
  • The Obama administration declassifies Bush administration harsh interrogation methods used against Muslim terrorists
  • Barack Obama has approved plans for the U.S. to help the United Arab Emirates become the first Arab nation with a nuclear power industry. [8]
  • Obama State Department issues U.S. ambassadors abroad to invite Iranian diplomats to embassy events celebrating the July 4 U.S. Independence Day. [9]
  • The Obama administration refused to help pro-democratic protesters in Iran.[10]
  • Obama celebrates Ramadan at the White House 09/01/09

9/09 through 6/10 content needed

Obama Presidency Year Two

  • Obama pushes for and gets a new constitution passed for Kenya. The new constitution creates Islamic courts for 12% of the population that are Muslim. [11]
  • Obama hosts an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan in the State Dining Room 09/13/2010
  • White House appointee Dalia Mogahed attends The Organization of the Islamic Conference in Chicago. Also in attendance, Siraj Wahhaj an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. [15]
  • A Somali-born Muslim and a naturalized Canadian citizen who trained at an Al Qaeda camp and attended lectures by Osama bin Laden has been deported to Canada. [16]
  • Obama announces a visit to Muslim Indonesia in early November.
  • Obama administration invites diplomats from Iran to NATO talks regarding Afghanistan. [17]
  • Obama administration announces a multibillion-dollar sale of fighter jets and military helicopters to Saudi Arabia. [18]
  • Obama's Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano appoints Muslim Mohamed Elibiary to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. [19]
  • In a letter to Congress, Obama announced that he will allow an additional 80,000 immigrants – - mostly from Islamic countries – - to resettle in the United States during fiscal year 2011. [20]
  • Obama's State Department offers Iran's leader Ahmadinejad a happy birthday. [21]
  • The Obama's paid visit to Indonesia's largest mosque, the Istiqlal Mosque. [22]
  • Obama announces an additional year of sanctions on Iran, first imposed by Jimmy Carter. [23]
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announces an additional $150 million to boost the Palestinian Authority. [24]
  • Obama defends civilian trial for Muslim terrorists after Ahmed Ghailani was convicted on one count, while 280 charges were dropped. [25]
  • Obama takes a surprise visit to the troops in Afghanistan. A meeting with President Karzai was cancelled due to weather.
  • Obama's ambassador to the United Kingdom, Louis B. Susman visited an extremist mosque in London and invited Muslim youths to travel to the United States by enrolling in the U.S. embassy's cultural and interfaith program. [26]
  • Obama wins legal fight authorizing a targeted assassination of Anwar Al-Awlaki, a Muslim American cleric and terror agent of Al Qaeda. [27]
  • The Obama Administration, by means of the Treasury Department, quietly amended a counterterrorism sanction so that accused Muslim terrorists can pay for their defense with assets frozen by the government. [28]
  • Eric Holder addresses Muslim Advocates in San Fransisco to reiterate his resolve to prosecute hate crimes while standing behind the methods used in anti-terrorism cases. [29]
  • Once again, Barack Obama calls for reconciliation with those Taliban who break ties with al Qaeda. [30]
  • Obama calls Saudi King Abdullah on December 26th to wish him well as he recovers from two recent back surgeries. [31]
  • Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano arrives in Kabul, Afghanistan to discuss international and regional security.
  • In a "major concession to the Syrian regime," Obama uses a recess appointment to select Robert Ford as the new ambassador to Syria. [32]

Obama Presidency Year Three

  • Vice President Joe Biden will visit Pakistan in January and announce the Obama administration plans to increase financial aid. [33]
  • Algerian national who was held at Guantanamo and cleared of terror suspicions by a US judge more than a year ago was repatriated January 6th. [34]
  • Hillary Clinton makes a surprise visit to Yemen and meets with President Saleh. [35]
  • Surprise, Joe Biden makes his seventh trip to Iraq since taking office. [36]
  • Obama's State Department upgraded the PLO status in Washington, D.C. from a representative office to a general delegation. For the first time ever, the Palestinians fly their flag in Washington DC. [37]
  • Obama applauded "the courage and dignity of the Tunisian people" in their revolt against the government. [38]
  • Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is urging the Egyptian government not to prevent peaceful protests or block communications as deadly riots are held against the government. [39]
  • Obama announces at the State of the Union "that American Muslims are a part of our American family."
  • Barack speaks to Mubarak, tells him to allow peaceful protests and turn the internet back on in Egypt.
  • Robert Gibbs said Egypt's new government will have to include a "whole host of important non-secular actors", minus the obfuscation- religious parties. [40]
  • February 4th, In a huge gamble affecting the peace process, our relations with Israel, the stability of ally Egypt- Obama is pressuring Mubarak to step aside now. [41]
  • February 5th, Obama's special envoy for Egypt, Frank Wisner says President Mubarak must stay for now. [42]
  • February 5th, Saturday evening the Obama Administration said Mubarak should step aside. [43]
  • February 6th, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Mubarak must stay in power. [44]
  • Bill O’Reilly interviews Obama and asks him if the Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to the U.S., Obama addressed the answer without a yes or no but with liberal obfuscation instead. [45]
  • Washington bureaucrats mandate the Mansfield Texas school district teach Arabic "language of the future," and involves embedding Arabic culture in all facets of school activities. This was made possible by a $1.3 million dollar Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) federal grant. [46]
  • Hillary Clinton gave tacit approval to the Muslim Brotherhood's involvement in Egyptian politics. [47]
  • Obama's State Department has begun sending Twitter messages in Arabic. [48]
  • Obama's National Intelligence director James Clapper said Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization even though their stated goal is an Islamic state and the CIA lists them as a religious organization. [49]
  • The Obama administration, which did not openly back Iranian protesters in 2009, now tells Iran to allow protests. [50]
  • Obama's State Department began sending Twitter messages in Farsi. [51]
  • Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Juliette Kayyem praises Al-Jazeera and pleads for U.S. cable providers to carry the network. [52]
  • Senator John Kerry travels to Pakistan to ease tensions over a U.S. government official, Raymond Davis, suspected of killing two Pakistani men in self-defense. [53]
  • Interfering in France's domestic policy, the Obama State Department sets up a Muslim Think Tank in Paris. [54]
  • February 18th, the U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution supported by Muslim countries condemning Israeli settlement construction. [55]
  • February 18th, Secretary of State Clinton condemns Israel settlement construction to appease Muslims. [56]
  • A White House official said the administration is seeking clarification from senior Libyan officials about their intentions regarding civil unrest. [57]
  • White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters the president’s [9 day] silence on Libya thus far was due to a “scheduling issue.” [58]
  • Obama speaking out against the Libyan dictator for the first time since the uprising began, "Leave Libya now." [59]
  • Hillary Clinton praises Islamic Al-Jazeera as "real news", U.S. news as "not particularly informative to us." [60]
  • Despite the evidence of an Islamic gunman in Germany killing two U.S. airmen, Obama and his administration refuse to call the attack terrorism. [61]
  • Obama's State Department is using tax dollars to refurbish mosques overseas as a way to improve relations. Some extremist mosques are getting U.S. funded internet service to spread Islam.[62]
  • Hillary Clinton will meet with Libyan opposition leaders during a visit to the Middle East. [63]
  • The State Department is sending a senior official to attend a March 15 meeting hosted by the National Iranian-American Council. [64]
  • Hillary Clinton travels to Egypt for talks with the new government. [65]
  • White House officials have applauded advocacy efforts by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, even though top FBI managers refuse to meet its leaders. [66]
  • The U.N. authorizes a no fly zone for Libya. March 19, Obama commits America to lead the no-fly zone and is expected to hand off the lead to NATO. Obama bypasses congress from involvement.
  • Obama's Justice Department sues on behalf of a Muslim teachers fired for taking three weeks time off for Hajj. [67]
  • Obama to address the American people March 28 regarding the bombing of Libya, 9 days after launching Operation Odyssey Dawn.
  • Obama orders covert U.S. government support for rebel forces in Libya. [68]
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "a reformer," says U.S. will not intervene in Syria's deadly uprising. [69]
  • Eric Holder changes Islamic terrorist trials from civilian court to military tribunal. [70]
  • Obama administration envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference and advisor on Islamic "affairs", Rashad Hussain "When it comes to the problem of violent extremism, Islam is not the problem." [71]
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates travels to the Middle East for the third time in a month to repair relations with Saudi Arabia after Obama pushed for Mubarak's replacement against the wishes of the Saudi King. [72]
  • 8th Annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum will feature Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as host of the three-day event in D.C. [73]
  • Syria opposition groups have asked for Obama personally to condemn the Assad regime, he will not. [74]
  • Obama's State Department’s deputy assistant secretary Dana Shell Smith talks about Al-Jazeera news channel "This administration has empowered those of us who actually do the communicating to be in a close relationship with Al-Jazeera." [75]
  • Obama heaps the praises of the Al-Jazeera as the emir of Qatar who owns the news channel visited the White House. [76]
  • Obama's Department of Justice decided not to prosecute CAIR, its co-founder Omar Ahmad, and others of the Holy Land Foundation case regarding terror financing of Hamas. [77]
  • Obama approves $25 million in non-lethal aid to rebels in Libya. [78]
  • In March, Barack Obama issued a Muslim Nowruz message and also released a version in Arabic. [79]
  • Obama orders the U.S. military to take out Osama Bin Laden, claims victory. [80]
  • White House to delay, [81] refuse to release [82] OBL death photos due to Muslim "sensitivities."
  • Hillary Clinton: U.S. trying to free up $3 Billion in Libyan assets to fund rebels. [83]
  • May 19th Obama gives a speech telling Israeli to pull back to 1967 borders for the creation of a Palestinian state.
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launches ‘Muslim Civilization’ science exhibition in Los Angeles.[84]
  • The USA and the Group of Eight leaders approve $40 billion in aid to Arab uprising countries.
  • New national rules of engagement for federal raids on Muslim arrest warrants, wait for Mosque service to complete before arresting. [85]
  • Obama administration condemns Syria for shuttering Internet but does little publicly to condemn the bloodshed by the Assad regime on the Syrian people. [86]
  • Obama backed Libyan rebels with ties to Al Qaeda.
  • Obama violates War Powers Act, argues that US military activity in the NATO-led air war over Libya does not amount to "hostilities." [1]
  • The Obama administration is reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood in a “limited” effort to build ties in Egypt. No extension to Coptic Christians offered. [87]
  • Obama orders Somali terror suspect to be tried in U.S. civilian courts with all the rights and privileges of U.S. citizens. [88]
  • Obama seeks to supply 125 M1A1 Tanks and other weapons to Egypt. [89]
  • A spokesperson of the U.S. State Department condemned reported plans by Iran to execute an Iranian pastor if he does not abandon his faith in Christ. [90]
  • The Obama administration defended U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority despite its alliance with terrorist group Hamas. [91]
  • The United States will formally recognize the top opposition group in Libya as that nation’s government. [92]
  • Obama tells Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down and announces a new set of sanctions. [93]
  • Various reports show the State Department trying to get the Muslim Brotherhood to replace Assad, just like in Egypt. [94]
  • As rebel forces descend upon Tripoli, Obama calls for a peaceful transistion in Libya. [95]
  • Obama marks the end of the Ramadan holiday with a Muslim Eid statement. [96]
  • The Obama administration is working closely with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to implement the UN resolution against religious stereotyping, specifically as applied to Islam. [2]
  • The State Department restating U.S. position on Afghanistan; a call for reconciliation, negotiate with Taliban fighters to disarm. Would not confirm an office for the Taliban has been set up in Qatar. [97]
  • Omans mediation between Tehran and Washington, releases two American hikers from Iranian custody in a $1 million bail-for-freedom capitulation.[98]
  • Obama touts "change" that has taken place in the Middle East while addressing the UN. "The Qaddafi regime is over. Gbagbo, Ben Ali, Mubarak are no longer in power. Osama bin Laden is gone, and the idea that change could only come through violence has been buried with him." [99]
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demands that Jerusalem cannot be referred to as the capital of Israel, for fears of offending Muslim sensitivity. [100]


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