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My Little Pony is a popular franchise of little girls' toys. It is most famous for the recent show entitled My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

My Little Pony and Theism

My Little Pony appears to encourage theism in several episodes. The most noticeable example is in season 1, episode 15: Feeling Pinkie Keen. This episode is about faith, and in the conclusion, the protagonists agree that one should have faith in things that one may not understand, although some Atheists have said that due the fact that there is Evidence for 'Pinkie-sense' and there is little to no evidence for Theism, that this is just "wishful thinking on the part of theists". Lauren Faust (also a Liberal) has denied that this was intentional, and is an exception from the show's liberal bias.

My Little Pony and Capitalism

It has been said by some that in the ninth episode of the second season: Sweet and Elite, is strongly Anti-Capitalist as it portrays the city of Canterlot as the "embodiment of a Capitalist Society, where the ponies there are caught up on empty frivolous trivialities, where as Ponyville is the Socialist Society where ponies base life and relations on each other."

My Little Pony and the Gay Agenda

Season 5, episode 9, titled "Slice of Life", as well as "Equestria Girls" short "All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games" heavily imply that the characters 'Lyra' and 'Bonbon' are in a lesbian relationship. In the episode they flirt, have romantic tension, then cuddle and make up at the end of the episode, in a public place no less. The later is entirely centered on their relationship and ends with them embracing as the scene closes in a heart shape. In addition to this, Season 5, episode 17 "Brotherhooves Social" features a male character (Big Macintosh) dressing in drag for much of the episode, visibly disturbing other characters, including children and his own underage sister. In addition, another unnamed male character heavily flirts with him, even showing up at the end of the episode with flowers for Big Mac, but is unable to find him.