Mystery:Did a Fake Fidel Castro Meet the Pope?

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No Fidel Castro appeared publicly with the Pope during his visit to Cuba in late March 2012, which is contrary to basic diplomacy. The Vatican has released, perhaps in a surprise to communist Cuba, a series of photos taken of the Pope's private, closed-door meeting with someone claiming to be Fidel Castro. (The real Fidel Castro has not been seen publicly since July 2006, when he underwent surgey for a "sharp intestinal crisis with sustained bleeding" in a communist hospital.[1] A transfer of dictatorship over Cuba that was to be temporary -- to give Fidel a few weeks of rest to recuperate -- evidently became, out of necessity, permanent.)

The recent photos with the Pope were posted , on Wednesday, March 28, by the Miami Herald. There are some curious differences between the "Fidel Castro" in these pictures and the real Fidel Castro:

  • the real Fidel Castro had a height of 6'3", eight inches taller than the 5'7" Pope; the person in the recent photos is only a few inches taller than the Pope.
  • the real Fidel Castro had a nose that sloped slightly upward;[2] the person in the recent photos has a nose that slopes slightly downward, more like a beak.[3]
  • the real Fidel Castro had a varicose vein on the upper left side of his face, and many skin splotches on its upper right side;[4][2] the person in the recent photos has neither.
  • the growing pattern for the beard of the real Fidel Castro was different from the person's in the recent photos.
  • the New York Times was baffled by why the Fidel Castro (lookalike) was wearing "a scarf around his neck that seemed out of place on a warm day"[5] (Note to the New York Times: it's difficult to make a neck look older, even with make-up.)
  • the average male lifespan is reportedly 76 years in Cuba, which means the stand-in for Fidel would of necessity be younger than his extrapolated 85 years (Fidel was born in August 1926); overdressing the stand-in as though it were cold weather is needed to conceal the relative lack of wrinkles
  • rather than pontificating about himself as the real Fidel Castro would have done, the stand-in uncharacteristically asked the pontiff numerous questions about the pontiff's own job[6]
  • in contrast with the prior papal visit, this time the meeting was "behind closed doors" between the Pope and so-called Fidel Castro.[7]
  • while the liberal media clamored for the Pope to meet this phony Fidel Castro -- deceit is the hallmark of liberal style -- the media are not calling for Obama to meet the stand-in, which could later humiliate Obama if the truth leaks out
  • since 2006 there has not been any word of a single medical problem by the frail octogenarian who was in very poor health
  • the 30-minute featured no apparently knowledge of the workings of the Cuban government by the "Fidel Castro," but instead the stand-in was unusually animated for a frail 85-year-old and oddly inquisitive about changes in the Catholic Mass despite being absent at the papal Mass; the questions concerned matters the real Fidel would have had no interest in.[8]

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