Mystery:What Percentage Go To Hell?

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There is no doubt that Hell exists - Jesus talked about Hell more than Heaven. But what percentage go to Hell? It is certainly more than 0% and less than 100%, but where in between?

Percentage who go to Hell Basis
95% High enough such that it was impossible for Jesus to pick 12 Apostles without one of them eventually betraying Him.
90% Jesus emphasized how few would make it to Heaven, and personally set a very high standard.
80-90% Not everybody who goes to church or professes belief in Christ will go to Heaven, adding onto by the number of people who are overtly not Christian at all. Jesus's parable about not recognizing some who use his name reinforces this.
70% A high enough percentage to prevent conservative insights from being adopted more quickly by governments, and to allow injustices like abortion to continue.
66% The parable of the wheat and the chaff suggests that there is too much chaff (people headed for Hell) to pull up before harvest without displacing some of the wheat.
50% Many important issues split about 50/50, such as evolution, abortion and global warming.
34% Dante devotes 34% of his Divine Comedy to Hell, which seems about equally populated to Purgatory and Heaven. However, Dante only admits notable people to any of the three - "the futile" are not remembered and stay on the banks of Acheron.
0% The position held by the false doctrine of Universalism and technically by Annihilationism. Many well known but false religions believe this, including Jehovah's Witness, Mormonism, and Seventh Day Adventist.


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