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Nandini Jammi is the co-founder of Check My Ads. She previously ran Sleeping Giants with Matt Rivitz, but left the organization and publicly accused him of sexism, and complained that she wasn't getting enough recognition "as a woman of color."[1]

Allegations of Anti-Semitism

Jammi has faced numerous accusations of anti-Semitism when launching a harassment campaign against advertisers of the website The Post Millennial, a Jewish run publication. As part of her harassment strategy, she branded Jewish staff "neo-Nazis" in an attempt to get them cancelled. That led to B'nai B'rith, a large international Jewish service organization founded in 1843, publicly condemning her.[2]

Pro-Pedophile Activism

In December 2021, blog posts surfaced where Jammi argued that young sex offenders should receive lesser sentences. She wrote: "That’s the question: would you give a now 14-year old the same 'life sentence' that you give a grown man? And if the answer is yes, how would you draw the line between being a teen and being a responsible adult? Can we justify treating a juvenile sex offender as a minor and an adult simultaneously? Perhaps judges should be given discretion in each individual case.'" Her work was later cited in an academic paper on how to best integrate young sex offenders into higher education. The paper’s abstract states that it “provides recommendations to university administrators for writing institutional policies that balance the right to an education and the need for safety of juvenile sex offenders and campus communities.”[3]

Relationship With Sexual Predator Chad Loder

Jammi has worked alongside Chad Loder in a campaign to cancel "The Post Millennial" after they reported on a restraining order issued against him. Loder has publicly expressed racist and anti-Semitic views, and called for the murder of his political opponents.

In August 2020, Twitter user "@sladeofyaupon" posted screenshots of a direct message from Loder where he sent her an unsolicited shirtless photo of himself next to a young child. She wrote: "Women should be able to participate in activist communities without dealing with creepy dudes. I only followed @/chadloder because I thought he would be a useful comrade. I'm angry." Jackie Singh, a left-wing cybersecurity expert who worked for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign on security matters, initially defended Loder for being an ally but then later tweeted tersely: “I retract my support for this individual [Loder].”[4]

Jammi has never publicly addressed the allegations against Loder.

Tax Fraud

On November 4th, Jammi invited her followers to make a “tax deductible” donation to her group Check My Ads, claiming that such donations would be tax deductible. However, the organization was a pending 501(c)(3) at the time, and donations would not be tax deductible if they were to not be approved.[5]

Check My Ads' 501(c)(3) status has since been approved, but her claims were not true at the time.

Tim Pool Swatting Incident

After months of falsely accusing Tim Pool of having "incited January 6th," Jammi targeted him and others in a video aimed at fundraising for Check My Ads.[6] On January 18th, 2022, Jammi spend the day doubling down on her false claims. Less than seven hours later, someone swatted Pool, sending police to his home, presumably in an attempt to harm him.[7] Jammi has not denied any involvement.

Not Understanding How Ads Work

Despite trolling the ad industry for a living, Jammi seemingly has no idea how targeted advertisements work. Posting a photo of an advertisement for fecal stain removal on Post Millennial, Jammi captioned a tweet "The Post Millennial’s got the shittiest possible ads, literally."[8] As was pointed out to her by countless commenters mocking her, the ads she sees are based on her search history.[9]

Partnerships With Sex Pests

On December 29th, 2021, Jammi's business partner Claire Atkin publicly offered to buy sexual materials for minors, tweeting "Teenagers! If you want to read a book that is banned in your school library because it features 'sexual or gender identity as a prominent subject,' DM me and I will buy and order it to a safe location for you."[10]

Jammi's work has been promoted by Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen.[11] The Lincoln Project infamously covered up and denial knowledge of their co-founder Jonathan Weaver's sexual harassment of numerous young boys.[12]