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The National Post is a large, English-language Canadian newspaper. It was founded by Conrad Black to be a voice for Canadian conservatism, in opposition to many Canadian media outlets.

The paper was first published in 1998, and it is based on the pre-existing Financial Post, and the business sections still retain that name. The Post is based in Toronto, although is published across Canada. In 2007 it was sold to Israel Asper's Canwest Global Communications Corporation.

However, since the rise to prominence of Donald Trump in politics and his ascension to the White House, the once-conservative National Post has taken a hard swing to the Left in its editorial policies (due largely to the hiring of liberal agenda-embracing editors and reporters) and now engages in the same Trump-bashing[1] and propensity for liberal bias, anti-conservatism[2] and fake news (including making the same now-discredited claims of Trump-Russia collusion[3]) as the rest of the liberal media, as well as doing puff pieces on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau[4] (like the American liberal media have done with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democrat politicians) and celebrities while ignoring liberal corruption in public office. As a sign of its turn to the Left, the National Post (like other liberal media outlets like CNN, MSNBC and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have done with their websites) has also disabled the comment sections on selected liberal-biased stories on their website to prevent commenters from criticizing the left-wing slant those stories have taken (although its Facebook page still allows comments). The outlet has even directly claimed, "A socially conservative CPC won't win."[5]

Perhaps most egregiously, the National Post got Rebel News, a true conservative Canadian news outlet, wrongly banned from the Alberta Legislature in July 2020.[6]


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