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National Security Agency

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The National Security Agency (NSA) is a signals intelligence agency within the United States Department of Defense. Its mission is to collect and analyze electronic signals intelligence of interest to the security of the United States and to protect all classified and sensitive information stored on government information technology equipment. In addition, the NSA supports and contributes to the civilian use of cryptography and advanced computer security measures.

The agency is headquartered at Fort George G. Meade, an active U.S. Army installation in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Approximately 30,000 people are employed worldwide by the agency. The size of the agency's budget is classified however its allocated resources are still subject to independent rigorous examination and approval processes.

The NSA was created by the National Security Act of 1947 and took effect on November 4, 1952, the same day as the presidential election, without media coverage or press release. It has had sixteen directors. The longest serving director was U.S. Air Force General Michael Hayden who oversaw major management changes and later became the director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Snowden leaks

In 2013, the whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA monitors and evaluates United States citizens, by means of PRISM, electronic data.

Trump-Russia hoax

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Russo-Ukraine war

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Gen. Paul Nakasone told Sky News that United States military hackers conducted offensive operations in support of Ukraine: "We've conducted a series of operations across the full spectrum; offensive, defensive, [and] information operations."[1]

Past NSA Sigint Operations

  • Korean Airlines Flight 007 shootdown incident. Here are the combined U.S. NSA electronic intercept and Russian Federation supplied military communications transcripts of the Soviet shootdown-in-process of Boeing 747 KAL 007 off Sakhalin Island on Sept. 1, 1983 - [1]

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