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Neurodiversity, also known as neurodivergence, is the concept that people with autism and ADHD are not "disordered", but rather have these conditions as a result of natural variations in the brain and that medical professionals and general society are the problem in considering these conditions disorders.

Other names

  • Autism rights movement
  • Autism acceptance movement
  • Autism self-advocates
  • Neurodiversity movement


The neurodiversity movement considers anyone with any of the above listed disorders as neurodivergent or neurodiverse, mostly people with autism. They usually strongly oppose person-first language (i.e. "person with autism") in favor of identity-first language (i.e. "autistic person"), always capitalizing "Autistic". Neurodiversity advocates are vehemently against any kinds of ineffective cures or treatments for autism (most notably ABA therapy), and considering it to be abuse. However, their activism usually only focuses on those with "high-functioning" autism (such as Asperger syndrome).

Neurodiversity advocates are easily found on Tumblr, Instagram, DeviantART and other social media sites, often using the hashtag #ActuallyAutistic and tags that glamorize autism such as #AutismIsBeautiful.

Notable organizations

  • Autistic Self Advocacy Network
  • Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network

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