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Neurodiversity, also known as neurodivergence, is the concept that people with autism, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia and sometimes even depression and epilepsy are not "disordered", but rather have these conditions as a result of natural variations in the brain and that medical professionals and general society are the problem in considering these conditions disorders. The movement mainly focuses on autism, and like all leftist movements, it has been known to harass and cyberbully people who disagree with them (including autistic people), as well as autism professionals and parents of autistic children.[1][2][3]

Other names

  • Autism "rights" movement
  • Autism acceptance movement
  • Autism self-advocates
  • Neurodiversity movement


The neurodiversity movement labels anyone with any of the above listed disorders as "neurodivergent" or "neurodiverse", although people with autism are the main target. They usually strongly oppose "person-first language" (i.e. "person with autism") in favor of "identity-first language" (i.e. "autistic person"), always capitalizing "Autistic", because they treat autism as if it is equivalent to national heritage and as being a major component of a person's identity. They consider person-first language to "accessorize" autism, although they do this themselves by considering autism a "gift" and an "identity" and creating an "autism pride" movement and day. Neurodiversity advocates are vehemently against any kinds of cures or treatments for autism (most notably ABA therapy), comparing it to eugenics (and typical of liberals, Nazis and Hitler) and considering it to be abuse in all circumstances, even if the client wants a treatment or cure, enjoys the therapy or makes progress. However, their "activism" usually only focuses on those with "high-functioning" autism (such as Asperger syndrome), completely ignores those with "moderate-" to "low-functioning" autism and opposes the use of these labels, although the disorder is a spectrum and symptoms and their severity vary widely across the spectrum. They are also known perpetrators of cancel culture[4]. Some have even gone so far as to advocate for a separate nation for those with autism away from "neurotypicals" (those who are not "neurodivergent",) equating it to the Jews having Israel and the Kurds having Kurdistan.[5] Most if not all neurodiversity supporters support self-diagnosis and some claim to have "diagnosed" their own autism. Many support other SJW movements such as Black Lives Matter and feminism, and it is common for them to identify with fake genders and/or use neopronouns. Some neurodiversity advocates even identify as “autigender”, a gender they created which they describe as “a gender that can only be understood by autistic people”.

Neurodiversity advocates are easily found on Tumblr, Instagram, DeviantART and other leftist social media sites, often using the hashtag #ActuallyAutistic and tags that glamorize autism such as #AutismIsBeautiful.


Neurodiversity advocates, like other social justice warriors, harass, cyberbully and verbally attack anyone who disagrees with them or says anything negative about their movement or autism itself[3], calling them "ableist", in the same manner that Black Lives Matter supporters call opponents racists and feminists call opponents misogynists. They often resort to this childish behavior instead of presenting valid arguments for their movement (another characteristic of SJWs), and some even go so far as to make personal attacks or tell their opponent to commit suicide. An Australian mother of autistic children wrote a post venting of caregiver frustration and the fact that the disorder interferes with her children's quality of life and stated that she hated autism; she was met with death threats, was told that she didn't deserve to be a mother and was even drawn hanging from a puzzle piece.[6][2] Neurodiversity supporters also often complain about and make fun of "neurotypicals", and some even claim that autistic people are superior over neurotypicals because of special talents that come with high-functioning autism such as enhanced memory.[7]

Notable organizations

  • Autistic Self Advocacy Network
  • Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network

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