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Newsmax Media

Newsmax Media is a for-profit company that publishes news from a neutral-to-conservative viewpoint. It is more conservative than the Fox News Channel, but can occasionally censor conservative viewpoints as Fox does far more frequently.

They publish a monthly magazine, maintain a website, and offer a cable television channel, NewsMax TV. They also send out daily emails of breaking news stories of interest that may not be fully covered in the general media. Newsmax was founded to point out liberal bias and improprieties in the media that are forced upon the American people, and they report true news. They also seek to extol men and women who show conservative virtues.


Newsmax have arguably censored criticism of Dominion Voting Systems and their alleged role in 2020 election fraud.[1] One incident in particular in February 2021, wherein Newsmax host Bob Sellers repeatedly interrupted and talked over MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell before walking off the set because Lindell attempted to discuss election fraud related to Dominion's voting machines, sparked criticism from many anti-establishment conservatives,[2][3][4] including the more consistently conservative One America News Network,[5][6][7] which may currently be a Newsmax competitor. Subsequently, OANN repeatedly aired Lindell's documentary "Absolute Proof" about 2020 presidential election fraud relating to voting machines.[8] Sellers apologized for his behaviour while blaming Lindell for misunderstanding the topic of the segment.[9] A Dominion executive has already sued Newsmax, OANN, and even Fox News,[10] but Newsmax escaped that lawsuit by publicly apologizing to the executive and asserting that Dominion had not engaged in malpractice during the election.[11] Smartmatic, another voting machine manufacturing company which was allegedly involved in 2020 presidential election fraud, has threatened to sue those three networks.[12] Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy once donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation. Newsmax has reported positively on the activities of George Soros.[13] In November 2021, Newsmax suspended journalist Emerald Robinson for her claims about the ingredients of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine while promoting the vaccines as unquestionably "safe and effective."[14] In Decembre 2023, Newsmax, surprisingly enough, has received a massive backlash and mockery from the same conservative and libertarian sides, due to a questionable report about the Grand Theft Auto 6 video game trailer released in the same month, strongly criticizing it as being damaging for children and even wanting for the game to be literally banned, despite the fact that the GTA video game series, just like the specific game in question, has always been targeted to mature audiences and despite the same announcement trailer of GTA 6 opening with a warning about content not appropriate for children, and this move has been declared by the same conservative audience as "the perfect way to lose the culture war" and highlighting that there's no evidence that video games are responsible for causing violence at any age.[15][16]

Legal Issues

On June 16, 2022, Judge Eric Davis in the Superior Court of Delaware denied a motion from Newsmax to dismiss a defamation lawsuit against the media company filed by Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion claimed Newsmax purposely spread lies about its voting technology in the 2020 election. Dominion also claimed the company “knew the allegations were probably false” about the voting technology and “there were enough signs indicating the statements were not true to infer Newsmax’s intent to avoid the truth.” [17]

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