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Nick Fuentes

Born August 18, 1998 (Age 22)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Political Party Republican

Nicholas J. Fuentes (Born August 18, 1998) or "Nick Fuentes" is a Self-Described "Paleoconservative" and "American Nationalist" Internet Personality who runs the America First Podcast on YouTube and previously ran the Nationalist Review Podcast with James Allsup. He has frequently been called a White Nationalist by detractors, although he rejects this label and has publicly denied being a member of the Alt-Right after getting into a public feud with Biden operative Richard Spencer (the alleged progenitor of the term "Alt-Right"). Fuentes is a Devout Catholic and Socially Conservative. He was an adamant supporter of Donald Trump when he was campaigning for the 2016 Election.

Early Life & Education

Fuentes attended Lyons Township High School where he was president of the Student Council. Nick Fuentes attended Boston University for 2 years until August 2017. He left Boston University after attending the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Fuentes states that he left Boston University because of a plethora of death threats being sent to him. While in university, Fuentes worked on the Right-Side Broadcasting Network as a political commentator but was removed for allegedly making derogatory comments. He applied for transfer admission to Auburn University for the Fall 2017 term, however he did not confirm his enrollment on time.

Fuentes is partially of Mexican ancestry. He is about a quarter Mexican; it is from this which his Hispanic surname is derived. Fuentes, however, predominantly identifies with his European heritage, specifically his Italian side.


Stop-The-Steal Protests

Following the United States Presidential Election 2020, Nicholas J. Fuentes and other notorious Right-Wing activists (Patrick Casey, Jaden McNeil, Vincent James, Steven Franssen, Alex Jones, etc.) began a "pilgrimage" to the capital of the U.S, as well as the state capitals of Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Starting in Lansing, Michigan: Fuentes trekked through the city with a large group of “groypers” heading towards the Capitol Building of Michigan. Shouting slogans such as “We Want Trump”, “Groyper”, and most notably, “Christ is King”. While at the State Capitol Building, Fuentes, and the large gathering of “Stop-the-Steal” protestors were approached (at first) and then verbally insulted and harassed by a small group of BLM activists. The altercation was captured by many in the gathering, including Jaden McNeil.

Heading to D.C for the Million MAGA March, Fuentes and the Groypers planned to march alongside the Stop-The-Steal Protesters, in support of President Trump’s ‘war’ against the Democrat’s fraudulent actions during the 2020 Presidential election. The march was extremely successful and during the highlight of the march, no one was initially hurt; However, several assaults on Trump supporters occurred in Washington, D.C.

Nicholas J. Fuentes, since then, has planned to be on the MAGA “pilgrimage” until the election is officially secure, preferably for the incumbent: Donald Trump. Nicholas J. Fuentes was last at the Georgia Stop-The-Steal Protests in Atlanta, Georgia seen riding alongside Alex Jones in an Info Wars branded armored car, speaking through his megaphone at the crowd.

Personal Views

Views on LGBTQ+

Being a devout Catholic, Fuentes believes that the LGBTQ+ movement has no place in America and that all aspects of the movement are deviant in nature. Following Catholic teachings, as well as general knowledge of the actions of those in the LGBTQ+ movement: Fuentes abhors the movement and believes that most aspects of the modern degenerate culture stem from the acceptance of and toleration of homosexuals, and homosexuality.

Views on Immigration

Fuentes is a firm believer that illegal, and legal; immigration has completely destroyed the structure of this country. He compares both forms of immigration as being invading forces that are uprooting the demographic origins that have made the United States so great. He states that illegal immigration causes undercutting and the theft of low skill, working class, American jobs and the children of this illegals will receive the same benefits as any citizen. Legal immigration causes the theft of higher paying jobs as well as the same benefits of a citizen, without having any ancestors or any history in the U.S.

Other Issues

Fuentes personally identifies as a Paleoconservative in a similar vein to Patrick Buchanan, although he has frequently been described as a White Nationalist or White Supremacist by various Mainstream Media outlets such as the Boston Globe. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Fuentes was one of the "Racist" and "Anti-LGBT" leaders of the "Alt-Right" who attended CPAC 2018. Fuentes has also spoken at the American Renaissance conference, founded by White Nationalist Jared Taylor. On his show, Fuentes frequently discusses the Demographics of America and Europe, Illegal Immigration, Socially Conservative takes on Cultural Events, Criticism of what he describes as an "Israel First" foreign policy and the Trump Administration.

Right Wing Watch has accused Fuentes of Antisemitism, although Fuentes has rejected the Antisemitic label, stating he has many Jewish friends such as Laura Loomer and Jacob Wohl, despite disagreeing with them on some issues.

Fuentes is in favor of concealed carry and is a proponent of the Second Amendment. A video is on YouTube of him debating another Content Creator known as 'Atheism is Unstoppable' over the right to bear arms in which he defends the Second Amendment.


On August 7, 2019, Fuentes got into a feud with Matt Walsh on Twitter over comments Walsh had made about a mass shooting by a suspected White Supremacist in which Walsh says that "white racist scumbags should be executed." Fuentes had made what detractors call an "Antisemitic outburst" on his show, America First, over the comments made by Walsh, who writes for Daily Wire. Fuentes called Walsh derogatory terms and said that he "works for Jews", he is a "Race Traitor" and a "Shabbos Goy"

Many Nationalists on Twitter seemed to agree with Fuentes although there was a lot of backlash from other Conservatives over Antisemitism. Walsh made his own response video to Fuentes on YouTube in which he makes fun of Nick's mustache.

On September 28th, 2019 Fuentes appeared in a photo with Kathy Zhu, Ashley StClair and Baked Alaska, among others. Ashley StClair was fired from her position at Turning Point USA for appearing in a photo with Fuentes, this sparked outrage on Twitter from Zhu and Fuentes. Fuentes responded on Twitter stating "The message from Charlie Kirk and TPUSA is loud and clear: if you are a young, thoughtful, intellectual curious Right Winger, you are not welcome in their organization. TPUSA exists solely to enrich its donors, and they’ll cleave off anybody who poses a threat to the cash flow."

Kathy Zhu responded to the firing with "If they were actually anything close to KKK members, they wouldn’t even want to be in a picture with the 4 minorities in the photo. Guilt by association is a leftist tactic that beta-conservatives have adopted."


On August 12, 2017, Fuentes flew from Chicago to Virginia to attend the Second Day of the 'Unite The Right' rally organized by Bidenista Richard Spencer in Charlottesville. Fuentes claimed that the vast majority of protesters were not KKK members nor were they Neo-Nazis. The Boston Globe covered his appearance and cited Fuentes claims of violence. The New York Times highlighted Fuentes claims about "The rootless transnational elite knows that a tidal wave of white identity is coming. And they know that once the word gets out, they will not be able to stop us. The fire rises!"

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