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Nick Clegg (b. January 7, 1967) is the leader of the Liberal Democrats, a British political party. Clegg is a member of the Liberal Democrat Party.

Early Life

Nick Clegg was born Nicholas William Peter Clegg in Buckinghamshire. His father was half-English, half-Russian. His mother was Dutch. He speaks English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. His wife is Roman Catholic. Aged sixteen, Clegg was arrested in Germany and charged with arson. He and his friends destroyed a priceless collection of rare cacti while he was drunk.[1]


Clegg describes himself as liberal and is in favour of charging punitive taxes upon religion and other such alleged organisations of indoctrination and dissemination of false information. He is also in favour of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants to the United Kingdon. He is in favour of significantly higher taxes for the rich, including a mansion tax - a fixed annual levy on all houses worth more than two million pounds. He also plans to remove taxes from all incomes lower than UK£10,000, a significant tax break for the poor. As a self-described liberal atheist, he could have more power in the next Parliament than the Prime Minister. He would be able to call the shots, because without him the Prime Minister would lose his majority and have to stand down.

He is unlikely to become Prime Minister, as the Liberal Democrats are not in a place to win an overall majority. However, in the case of a 'Hung Parliament', he would be very powerful. He could effectively select the Prime Minister, because if he supported Gordon Brown or David Cameron, then they would have an overall majority and become the Prime Minister. This is dangerous because Clegg is a member of the Liberal Democrat Party.[2][3]


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