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Nicki Minaj, full name Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, (born December 8, 1982) is a Trinidadian singer and rapper. She is known for her provocative, hyper-sexualized rap lyrics in her music. She recently came under fire from the establishment for expressing that people should make their own decisions on the COVID-19 vaccine, and not allow themselves to be bullied into taking it.

Jim Geraghty of National Review said of Minaj,

"She churns out hit after hit, makes Madonna look modest or even prudish, and eats controversy for breakfast...I cannot emphasize this enough; Nicki Minaj’s career runs on controversy the way most life forms run on oxygen...she “used to be bi, now I’m just hetero”...Minaj described having an abortion as a teenager...saying it has “haunted me all my life”...Her fans adore her, in part because they see her as uncompromising and authentic, an indefatigable fighter who never backs down from any critic or challenge...Watching the entire medical, media, and political establishments bring all of their weight to bear upon Minaj, you would think she was Alex Jones or Joe Rogan...Nicki Minaj is going to be just about impossible to “cancel”...She’s already fabulously wealthy — her estimated net worth is $80 million to $100 million — and doesn’t need money...Her fan base isn’t going to abandon her if she maintains a vaccine-skeptical position”[1]

Minaj had been invited to the White House to speak with Dr. Fauci and the Surgeon General after expressing vaccine skepticism. As leftist bigots attacked her for expressing skepticism, the White House denied an invitation was extended in an effort to discredit her before her 200 million-plus followers.

Minaj posted the phone numbers of a Guardian journalist after the news organization stalked and threatened members of her family.[2] Minaj supporters came out in droves to march on the Atlanta headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention {CDC} chanting she "Nicki told the truth to me! Fauci lied to me!" about COVID vaccines.[3][4] Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted, "Trump/Minaj 2024".[5]

The group that organized protests outside the CDC invited Trump supporters to join them. The protest was set up by the Black Hammer Organization’s commander-in-chief Gazi Kodzo, who told the Gateway Pundit about how they hope to put political differences aside to fight together against Biden's racist vaccine mandates. Kodzo told the Gateway Pundit that “this is such a human issue that we can’t let things that used to separate us continue to separate us. A real core value of our humanity is literally being ripped from us — the ability to say what goes inside of our bodies.”[6] “If we do not make that choice that this administration tells us to make, we are no longer capable of working,” Kodzo continued. He said that he is willing to stand with “anyone who is willing to go side by side with me to fight for that core value.” Kodzo said that the way the people attacked Minaj for agreeing with Tucker Carlson is part of an effort from the liberal media to make people “subscribe to this belief that the right is totally evil Nazis — people that you can’t talk to, agree with, or be around. It’s just a really vile place they have created....I had made a post asking for prayers for my aunt who was having side effects from the vaccine. It was taken down,” he explained. “Even on Instagram, I couldn’t go live for a week. I can’t voice my opinion online, so where else do I do it, other than outside the CDC’s gates?”

During the Presidential elections of 2012 Minaj made a rap song, called "Mercy", in which she satirically raps: "I'm a Republican, voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b****** is f****** up the economy." Later, Minaj explained that she was simply her "creative humor and sarcasm" in this song, and sent "love and support" to President Obama[7].

In 2012, she allegedly performed a Satanic show at the Grammy Awards[8].

In her song All Things Go, Minaj sings about the pain she felt after having an abortion as a teenager. She raps also about how she feels sorry about her unborn son[9].


  • 2010: Massive Attack
  • 2010: Your Love
  • 2010: Check It Out
  • 2010: Right Thru Me
  • 2010: Moment 4 Life
  • 2011: Roman’s Revenge
  • 2011: Super Bass
  • 2011: Fly
  • 2011: Stupid H**
  • 2012: Starships
  • 2012: Pound the Alarm
  • 2012: Va Va Voom
  • 2013: High School
  • 2014: Pills n Potions
  • 2014: Bang Bang
  • 2014: Anaconda

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