Nord Stream II

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The Nord Stream II pipeline is a joint Russia-German project to build a gas pipeline directly between Russia and Germany beneath the Baltic Sea to avoid disruption of service in the event that Russia cuts off gas supplies to Ukraine. It was begun in response to the Magnitsky Act sanctions after the Annexation of Crimea in 2014. The project is being built by Gazprom.

From the White House press briefing room podium, Biden junta chief propagandist Jen Psaki defended the Trump era sanctions against the Nord Stream II pipeline in February 2021, noting that any new pipeline carrying fossil fuel from Russia to Germany “goes against Europe’s own stated energy and security goals.”[1] The pipeline is a massive scandal in Germany, with former Democratic Socialist chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on the board of the Nord Stream pipeline company and a major stockholder.[2]

In May 2021 Joe Biden waived sanctions against the project and its CEO, Matthias Warnig,[3] a former East German Stasi agent who partnered with the KGB whileVladimir Putin served in Berlin in the 1980s.[4] The waivers were issued only one week after a cyberattack emanating from Russia shut down the Colonial Pipeline, resulting in shortages and gas lines in the eastern United States—for which Biden absolved Putin before an investigation started.[5] The reversal of Trump-era policies made Biden appear to be a Putin puppet.[6] CDMedia reported,

"CDMedia wrote in the summer before the 2020 election about Joe Biden, and his energy and gas genius son Hunter, meeting with Russian gas executives in the United States, weeks after Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula, and Obama/Biden were crowing in the news about how America needs to ‘get tough on Russia’....The ‘tough on Russia’ thing is a hoax. Biden just ensured billions of hydrocarbon revenue for the Kremlin. He just weakened the NATO alliance."[7]

The pipeline directly undercuts Germany's efforts to meet Paris Climate Agreement targets. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused the Biden junta of handing a "weapon,"

"This is a weapon, a real weapon … in the hands of the Russian Federation. It is not very understandable … that the bullets to this weapon can possibly be provided by such a great country as the United States. How many Ukrainian lives does the relationship between the United States and Germany cost?"[8]


The pipeline is intended to bail out Germany’s failed energy policies that first tilted left toward Green energy, and when it failed, Germany went back to high polluting coal. France opposed this deal. President Emmanuel Macron repeatedly publicly told Chancellor Angela Merkel that he opposed it. European countries opposed it because they don’t want Russia to impose hegemonic influence.