Norma McCorvey

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Norma McCorvey is the woman most commonly known as Jane Roe from her role in the Roe v. Wade abortion lawsuit in 1973. McCorvey claimed that she was raped in the case, a claim that she later recanted, and has since been baptized into the Christian faith. McCorvey claims she was the pawn of two overzealous attorneys, and now has supported pro-life causes, and requested that the Supreme Court overturn the case. She was arrested in May 2009 at the University of Notre Dame protesting the speech by and bestowing of an honorary degree upon abortion promoter President Barack Hussein Obama.[1] In July 2009 she was removed by Capitol Police a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor allegedly for interrupting the hearing along with several other pro-life protestors.[2]


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