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Nutnfancy is a YouTube video channel. As of February 2015, recent videos were drawing 25,000 views and its most popular video posted in 2009 six years earlier had 2,888,725 views.

Its YouTube about page states:

Established in 2006, The Nutnfancy Project is ongoing work that serves adventurers, military members, contractors, law enforcement personnel, outdoorsman, and responsible, good civilians. Hundreds of videos exist already that cover system enhancing gear items like guns, knives, multi-tools, backpacks, clothing, dog gear, flashlights, tactical gear, and much more. Vids are organized into playlists. While the gear is core to TNP, the Project goes much deeper. Many Philosophy and Political videos abound here, encouraging service, kindness, service to community, and defense of freedom. Adventure videos and lifestyle show these values, a love of life, sense of humor, and an investment of one's time. The world of TNP is your new online home...welcome! [TNP, 10322 S. Redwood Rd, PMB 038, South Jordan, UT, 84095]

As of February 2015, it has 514,504 subscribers.

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