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O'Sullivan’s First Law describes the leftward drift of many politicians, leaders, and organizations. First coined by John O'Sullivan in 1989, it states: "All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing."[1]


  • The Drudge Report's leftward shift.[2] To some extent, also to that of Fox News[3] and the National Review.[4]
  • Compromising Christian colleges, including Wheaton College, that first compromised on Biblical inerrancy and evolution, then increasingly on other issues (such as abortion,[5] homosexuality, feminism, and Islam). Azusa Pacific University also has drifted far from its Christian roots.[6] Christians in the West, overall, have become increasingly compromised.[7]
  • The many token conservatives who originally held conservative positions but shifted sharply to the Left
  • Republican politicians frequently cave on political issues and accept the left-wing's positions, whether it be on climate change,[8] ObamaCare, immigration, or some other issue. When Alabama enacted a ban on most types of abortion, many establishment Republican politicians claimed it "went too far" despite it still allowing abortion in several cases.[9] Additionally, after mass shootings, Republican officials increasingly ignore the root of the problem and instead join leftists' assault on self governance and the Second Amendment.[10]
  • European establishment conservatives, who eventually shifted sharply to the Left, supporting Europhile, pro-mass migration, and anti-Christian policies
  • The Conservative Political Action Conference's leftward drift, marginalizing social conservatives and pro-gun activists, among other conservatives, while caving to the homosexual agenda
  • Pat Robertson's shift to the Left on several issues, including abortion, gun control, climate change, and his support for liberal Republican Rudy Giuliani in 2008
  • The Boy Scouts of America's shift to the left on social issues such as homosexuality and gender. Other Christian organizations have experienced a similar shift.[11]
  • The media, big business, and the military establishment once were generally conservative though liberal thinking now predominates them
  • Positions that once lay in the mainstream of society only a few years previously are being increasingly labeled as "far-right" or "ultra-right."[12][13]

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