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Olavo de Carvalho is a self-exiled Brazilian immigrant living in the United States since 2005. He was born in Campinas in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, on April 29, 1947.

He acquired national prominence in Brazil by having founded the first organization of astrology and Escola Júpiter (Jupiter School), the first school of astrologers in Brazil in the late 1970s.

In his capacity as chief astrologer, he was interviewed by the Brazilian counterpart of Time, Veja magazine, in 9 April 1980, and by the TV channel Manchete in the early 1980s, to address astrology issues. Both interviews catapulted him to national fame in Brazil.

He has several published books on astrology (only in Portuguese), including:

  • A Imagem do Homem na Astrologia [Male Image in Astrology]. São Paulo: Jupiter. (1980)
  • O Crime da Madre Agnes ou A Confusão entre Espiritualidade e Psiquismo [Mother Agnes’s Crime or The Confusion between Spiritualism and Psychism]. São Paulo: Speculum. (1983)
  • Questões de Simbolismo Astrológico [Issues of Astrologic Symbolism]. São Paulo: Speculum. (1983)
  • Astros e Símbolos [Stars and Symbols]. São Paulo: Nova Stella. (1985)
  • Astrologia e Religião [Astrology and Religion]. São Paulo: Nova Stella. (1986)
  • A Nova Era e a Revolução Cultural: Fritjof Capra & Antonio Gramsci [New Age and Cultural Revolution: Fritjof Capra & Antonio Gramsci], Rio de Janeiro: Instituto de Artes Liberais & Stella Caymmi. (1994)

He also translated into Portuguese A Metafísica Oriental [Eastern Metaphysics], by René Guénon. São Paulo: Escola Júpiter. (1981)

In 1989, he founded Sociedade Brasileira de Astrocaracterologia (Brazilian Society of Astrocharacterology) to advance astrology ideas.

With his large experience on Guénon and connections with Guénon’s groups, especially the Traditionalist School, Carvalho began to get involved in anti-Marxist activism in the late 1990s. The Traditionalist School, founded by Guénon, fused anti-Marxism conservatism with New Age ideas.

According to conservative author Nancy Pearcey, in her book “Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity,” published by Crossway Books in 2004, Guénon was a New Age advocate and Islamic esotericist. He was also an adherent of Neo-Platonism — just as Carvalho is.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Carvalho changed his focus to anti-Marxist activism. His anti-Marxist, pro-life and anti-homosexualist speech eventually drew many right-wing Catholics and Protestants.

In the background of his new activism was the larger influence in his work. A Carvalho’s interview with Globo, the main news conglomerate in Brazil, published in May, 25, 2000, titled “A Casual Philosopher” said of him:

“For a time, [Olavo de Carvalho] devoted himself to Islamic studies — learned Arabic and recites the Koran passages — and won an award in Saudi Arabia in 1985 for a 200-page book (unpublished) about Muhammad, wherein he used knowledge of medieval symbolics to interpret episodes from the life of the prophet. He practices Christianity, but he says he would be comfortable to profess Islam. This is because, in his view, Christianity, Islam and Judaism have basically the same goal. The existence of God is to Olavo the supreme obviousness, the founding basis of everything.”

He has a best-selling book titled “O Mínimo Que Você Precisa Saber Para Não Ser Um Idiota” (The Least You Should Know to Be Not an Idiot), published in 2013. Reportedly, over 300,000 copies were sold. After his success drawing right-wing readers, he began to display non-conservative radical ideas and stances, often offending them.

In December 2016, Carvalho was interviewed by the Portuguese news service of BBC as a major leader of the Brazilian Right. The BBC report was titled “Olavo de Carvalho, o ‘parteiro’ da nova direita que diz ter dado à luz flores e lacraias” (Olavo de Carvalho, the ‘midwife’ of the new [Brazilian] Right says that he gave birth to flowers and scorpions). [1]

In the interview (not available in English), Carvalho talked about his involvement in astrology and in Islamic witchcraft, saying that this experience was “absolutely indispensable” for his formation.

BBC introduced Carvalho as follows:

“Born in Campinas, SP, 69 years ago, a philosophy teacher having never graduated in a college and adherent of the theory that ‘the entity called the Inquisition is a fictional invention of Protestants,’ Carvalho has been amassing opponents in the same intensity he is defended by his fans.”

The BBC report was a major breakthrough because even though Carvalho says that all the Left hates the Inquisition and uses it to attack Catholics, the massively left-wing Brazilian media has never used the Inquisition to attack Carvalho. BBC was the first major Portuguese channel to mention Carvalho and his defense of the Inquisition.

BBC said,

“The views of this philosopher on the role of the Catholic Church have produced criticism from Brazilian evangelicals. Carvalho wrote in Twitter in 2013 that ‘the entity called the Inquisition is a fictional invention of Protestants.’

“‘Even in the popular image of the Inquisition fires, lies are predominant. Everybody believe that condemned individuals ‘died burned,’ amid horrible suffering. The flames were high, more than 16 feet high, to hinder suffering. The condemned individuals (less than ten a year in two dozen nations) died suffocated in a few minutes, before the flames could touch them.’

“According to him, heretics — ‘less than ten a year in two dozen nations’ — died suffocated before the flames could touch them. He has been criticized in the social media for such affirmation…

“Two years later, he reviled Luther and Calvin, the main leaders of the Protestant Reformation. ‘The Catholic Church has been overcrowded by sons of bitches during the centuries, but the Protestant church was already born founded by two sons of a bitch.’”

There is an YouTube video where Carvalho himself defends the Inquisition. [2]

Carvalho is dividing the Brazilian Right on many conservative issues, including homosexuality, which he believes is natural, but he has had a major victory: he is unifying the Catholic Right with his strident pro-Inquisition discourse.

In his last interview with BBC (April 2017, available only in Portuguese), titled “Olavo de Carvalho elogia Suplicy e diz que trabalharia até com Satanás pelo Brasil” (Olavo de Carvalho Praises Suplicy and Says He Would Work with Satan for Brazil), Carvalho said, “Basic income is morally right,” in response to a bill by socialist councilman Eduardo Suplicy. [3]

BBC said,

“Reputed as an ideologically opposite extreme of councilman Eduardo Suplicy (PT-SP), philosopher Olavo de Carvalho declared that he approves the idea of a basic income of citizenship, which is a bill of Suplicy, a member of the Workers’ Party, advocating a minimum wage to every citizen in Brazil. Carvalho said that he would work with Suplicy to improve it.

“‘Suplicy is a very nice guy and his idea is not bad — everybody having an income,’ said Carvalho in an exclusive interview to BBC Brazil in the Harvard University, in Massachusetts.

“Suplicy mentioned basic income of citizenship in all of his answers. His bill proposes a basic income to every citizen, wealthy or poor, including foreigners living in Brazil for more than five years.”

In 2017, Carvalho has launched an English movie, “The Garden of Afflictions.” The movie, which celebrates his life (a personality cult?), was produced by crowdfunding from his many Brazilian adherents.

Even though he feels comfortable with his esoteric history, Carvalho sometimes demonstrates not to feel comfortable with the label “conservative.” He said in his Facebook in early 2017,

“So when I am introduced as a ‘conservative philosopher,’ the only answer coming to my mind is: ‘Conservative is ‘puta que o pariu’ (an offensive Brazilian expletive which means “son of a bitch” or “fucking hell,” but the real translation is: “a prostitute who gave birth”), who preserved you in her belly for nine months instead of dropping you in the toilet.’”

Carvalho said to his Brazilian audience in Facebook that the big disadvantage of U.S. conservatives is that they do not use filthy language. He said,

“In the U.S. only the Left utters profanity. This is enough to explain why U.S. conservatives, even when they are the majority, are always disadvantaged.”

Carvalho’s hope, as a Brazilian immigrant in the U.S., is to change the U.S. conservative culture to accept filthy language as a tool to advance his form of Guenonian conservatism. He hopes also to deliver America from the “myth” of the Inquisition.

Some of his popular comments:

“Freedom of opinion is the last refuge of idiots.”

“I kneel down before the priest to receive the communion, but if after the Mass I feel necessary to tell him ‘f**k you,’ I will do it with full tranquility: Look, you fool. There you were Jesus Christ, but here you are just a little shit.”

“As far as I know, only Portugal, Spain, Hungry and Poland had brave Christians. The remaining world has a multitude of faggots.”

“If I had a cunt, I would sexually blackmail all congressmen and destroy the whole political class.”

“I repeat: there was never an entity called ‘the Inquisition’ and much less ‘Holy Inquisition.’”

“Bergoglio should be kicked out with our feet from Peter’s throne as soon as possible.”

“After someone is raped, he/she can find some retroactive consolation in the idea that a cock had always been his/her secret wish.”

“I am not a right-winger or a left-winger.”

“The Catholic Church was born offering martyrs, the protestant church was born killing.”

“Herod saved many souls: he killed little children before they could sin.”

“Do you think that it is sheer coincidence that the brutal growth of criminality and especially political corruption have happened at the same time that Liberation Theology destroyed internally the Catholic Church and makeshift ‘evangelical’ churches, filled of swindling ministers, had a widespread growth?”

“Stupid evangelicals listen with so much naivety to ministers who are semiliterate, junkies, thieves and prostitutes that it is the world’s eighth wonder.”

“In the Hollywood movies, for each three words, two are ‘fuck.’ This is what isolates and debilitates American conservatives.”

“Lenin knew that, in politics, he who reviles the most always runs ahead.”

“While I have strength left, I will systematically profane all rules of good verbal behavior that I come to know of.”

“Luther and Calvin were hatred-filled souls. The former was guilty of genocide, the latter the creator of totalitarian government. Their followers are on the way of Hell, and if it is necessary to revile them using all the curse words to take them from this mess, I will do it pitilessly.”

Carvalho is considered the first Brazilian neocon activist, because of the similarity of geopolitical views espousing consistently anti-Russian antagonism, which is typical of neocon activists, including John McCain.

His Guenonian conservative movement has garnered blind allegiance from his Brazilian followers, consistent with a cult — which is consistent with his cultic past and occult history. It is consistent also with the Traditionalist School, with its anti-Marxist militancy intertwined with Neo-Platonism and Islamic esotericism that welcomes syncretic Catholics and Protestants.

In spite of the fact that he has lived in the United States since 2005, Carvalho is not known in philosophical circles. He has been praised by Steve Bannon and Wolfgang Smith — both adherents of Guénon. [4]

Carvalho has been dubbed “Bolsonaro’s Rasputin” because of his influence on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. [5]

He advised Bolsonaro to appoint Ernesto Araújo as Brazil’s foreign minister. Araújo is openly a devotee of Guénon and his most prominent disciple, Julius Evola, who advised Italian fascism and Nazism. [6]

After in May 2019 Bolsonaro gave Carvalho the highest award of the Brazilian government, Araújo controversially compared Bolsonaro with Jesus Christ. [7]
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