One Nation rally

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One Nation rally held October 2nd, 2010 is an effort to counter Glenn Beck's highly visible Restoring Honor rally held in Washington D.C. Every conceivable liberal special interest group was represented, approximately 400 in total. Every socialist organization the left supports was in attendance; Teamsters, SEIU, NAACP, Huffington Post, Center For American Progress, Al Sharpton, and fittingly the Young Communist League. [1] Every group of the left stands to lose big in the November elections. This rally was to make their presence known. Unlike Glenn Beck's rally where people from all over America made the journey to the Lincoln Memorial, the liberals in true astroturf fashion made their way by buses. Unions demanded participation from their members. The Huffington Post supplies some transportation. A typical Democrat event organizing includes finding non-union or jobless people that get a minimum wage payment to attend and inflate their perceived attendance numbers. The organizers had hoped to get the final say in American politics. [2] Barack Hussein Obama, as a typical community organizer, rallied the left to attend.


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