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Otho (A.D. 32 - A.D. 69) Roman Emperor in A.D. 69, in the "Year of the Four Emperors" after turning on the emperor Galba, after Galba failed to name him his heir, with the help of the Praetorian guard. His 'reign' was short lived however, as his support in Rome was not matched throughout the empire. Even before he assassinated Galba January 15, 8 legions of the Rhine had already hailed Vitellius as emperor (on January 3) and Vitellius was marching to Rome. The first battle of Bedriacum, between the troops of Otho and the troops of Vitellius, took place on April 19, and Otho's forces were defeated. He then committed suicide, a footnote in the ranks of Roman Emperors.