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The lamestream media like to promote athletes based not on skill, but for other reasons. Here's a growing list of the most overrated sports stars (notice how none are on the list of Greatest Conservative Sports Stars):

  1. Tiger Woods — hasn't won a major golf tournament in years, and yet he's still the only one liberals want to talk about while reporting on tournaments.
  2. Andre AgassiPete Sampras was far better, but Sampras is conservative. Agassi is a big donor to Democrat politicians.
  3. Magic Johnson — lucky enough to play on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Lakers to win some titles, but was crushed by Michael Jordan and the Bulls; no problem, Magic was a critic of President George H.W. Bush, which thrilled liberals.
  4. David Beckham — far from the best, but promoted like he's Pele. Is Beckham socially liberal like others on this list?
  5. LeBron James — far from the best player in the NBA, he is way overrated by the liberal ESPN compared to Christian Kevin Durant
  6. Kobe Bryant — hasn't won a title without super-coaching by Phil Jackson, who observes that Kobe is not on the high level of Michael Jordan[1]
  7. Mark Sanchez — the New York Jets quarterback is being touted as the team's best QB over conservative Christian Tim Tebow despite falling apart at the end of the 2011-2012 season. Now that Tebow's on-board, liberals are championing the former USC star as the superior player despite his recently poor play.

(please revise or add to list)


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