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An example of a wall painting

Painting is an art; one of the visual arts. It is the act of applying colored substance to a surface; Creating a picture with colored oils or pastels. [1]

The elements of design (i.e., line, colour, tone, texture) are used in various ways to produce sensations of volume, space, movement, and light. The range of media (e.g., tempera, fresco, oil, watercolour, ink, gouache, encaustic, casein) and the choice of a particular form (e.g., mural, easel, panel, miniature, illuminated manuscript, scroll, screen, fan) combine to realize a unique visual image. [2]

Chinese painting

Painting as an art form dates back to prehistoric days. We know from textual and archaeological sources that painting was practiced in China from very early times and in a variety of media. Wall paintings were produced in great numbers in the early period of China's history. [3]

Painters have the freedom to invent their own visual language and to experiment with light and new forms, materials and techniques.

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