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Party Girl is a religious tract written by Jack Chick. It was originally printed in 1998, and remains in print. It is shown under the tag "Drugs/Alcohol" along with the tag "For Teens".

The backdrop is set two weeks before a "festival"[1]. Satan has everything planned and ready.

Meanwhile, 3,000 miles away, Rita Jones is given a word from God to warn Jill (her granddaughter) about a plot on her life; a demon reports back to Satan who plots to kill Jill that night and plans to do so by poisoning her drink. But just as Jill is about to drink it, Rita shows up and takes her away from the party; an unknown male drinks it and dies instantly.

When Jill finds out about the death, she demands Rita explain what is going on. Rita explains that Satan is her "unseen enemy"; when Jill asks how God could forgive her for all the sins she has done, Rita shares the Gospel and Jill accepts Christ as Savior.

The last two frames show Satan telling the reader to "keep on partying" and Rita telling the reader to "trust Christ today".


  1. The "festival" is not directly named but the Hotel Orleans is referenced in the tract; thus, it can be determined that the setting is New Orleans famous Mardi Gras festival, which is known for its immorality.

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