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Patch Adams is a comedy film based on fictionalization of the life of Hunter Adams, who attended medical school to combine the career goals of becoming a doctor and a clown. In the movie, Robin Williams portrays Hunter's journey from suicidal melancholy to a zesty, life-transforming dedication to bringing joy into patients' lives.


  • When I said I had a crush on you, you didn't say... "No way, loser. I'd rather have a lobotomy by a leper." That means something.
  • If you want to be a clown, go join the circus. Patients don't need to be entertained. They don't need a friend. They need a doctor.
  • If you don't like me, just say it.
    I don't like you!
  • Why don't you like me?
    Because you make my effort a joke! I want to be a doctor! This isn't a game to me! This isn't playtime! This is serious business!