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Paul Blanshard

Paul Beecher Blanshard (August 27, 1892 - January 27, 1980) was a famous anti-Catholic bigot.[1] His works have been referred to as those of a "professional" bigot differentiating them from less literary, less sophisticated efforts such as those of Jack Chick. Blanshard's most notorious work is American Freedom and Catholic Power (1949). Other works of anti-Catholic bigotry include The Irish and Catholic Power (1953) and Kennedy presidency-obsessed work The Future of Catholic Power (1961).[2]

Blanshard's works were influential with Supreme Court justice Hugo Black.[3]

Early life

Paul and his twin brother Brand Blanshard[4] were born in Fredericksburg, Ohio, on August 27, 1892.[5]

He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1914.[5]

Christian Socialism

While at university, he wrote about joining the ministry. Blanshard was a Christian socialist, but found himself more inclined toward the socialism and less toward the Christianity.

"During those college years I arrived at two decisions about myself. I would be a socialist and I would enter the Christian ministry. In retrospect, the first decision seems entirely natural, but the second decision was the worst blunder of my life."[6]


Blanshard was editor for The Nation and special counsel and spokesman for Americans United for Separation of Church and State.[7] He was also a member of the National Council for the League for Industrial Democracy, for the Rochester, New York area.[8]


  • An Outline of the British Labour Movement, (1923)
  • Labor in southern cotton mills, (1927)
  • What's the Matter with New York, (1932)
  • Technocracy and Socialism, (1933)
  • Democracy and Empire in the Caribbean, (1947)
  • American Freedom and Catholic Power, (1949)
  • Communism, Democracy, and Catholic Power, (1951)
  • My Catholic Critics, (1952)
  • The Irish and Catholic Power, (1953)
  • The Right to Read: The Battle Against Censorship, (1955)
  • God and Man in Washington, (1960)
  • The Future of Catholic Power, (1961)
  • Freedom and Catholic Power in Spain and Portugal, (1962)
  • Religion and the Schools: The Great Controversy, (1963)
  • Paul Blanshard on Vatican II, (1966)
  • Personal and Controversial: an Autobiography, (1973)
  • Some of my Best Friends are Christian, (1974)
  • Classics of Free Thought, (1977)

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