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Paul Signac (born Paris, 1863 – Paris, 1935) Neo-Impressionist French painter and art writer. He studied with Armand Guillaumin. Signac met Claude Monet and helped establish the Salon des Indépendents in 1884 where he exposed Baño Asniéres. Signac and George-Pierre Seurat developed the Neo-Impressionism movement and Pointillism technique.

His paintings are mainly of the French coast; St. Tropez, Cherbourg, Marseille, Nice, Collioure, Ste. Maxime and La Rochelle. Signac loved painting the water and sailing.

Signac Golfe Juan.jpg

Golfe Juan.

In 1899 Signac published: De Delacroix au Neo-Impressionism, an important study.

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