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People for the American Way (PFAW) is a left-wing advocacy group, founded by noted television producer Norman Lear (of "All in the Family" fame). While PFAW holds fast to its "non-partisan" tag, in fact, the organization tends to take a liberal position. The Capital Research Center reported that in 2003 and 2004, 98 percent of the organization's political contributions went to Democratic Party candidates.[1][2]

"In January 2003, PFAW partnered with leftist groups like NARAL, the National Women's Law Center, the National Organization for Women, and the NAACP to complain that the Bush administration was attempting "to pack the courts" with conservative judges, and implored Democratic legislators in the Senate to filibuster the confirmation vote of any conservative nominee approved by the Judiciary Committee." [1]

PFAW tried to destroy Robert Bork's reputation in the 1980s and that of Charles Pickering in the 2000s, helping derail both jurists' nominations.[1]

PFAW is a coalition partner of the liberal coalition America Votes.[3]

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