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G. Philip Kammer is a Christian entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate for the Christian community worldwide. He is dedicated to securing the Gospel of Christ, safeguarding the saints and serving mankind. Mr. Kammer is a former member of the US Army, he holds a BA in Public Policy from California State University and an MBA from Pepperdine University. His career has focused on real estate development, with both residential and multifamily construction, while working with numerous government housing agencies such as HUD. He has been involved with the creation of numerous nonprofits and is in the process of creating another that focuses on creating unity in today's Church in addition to providing greater means to support the Church body. Mr. Kammer has served in numerous local housing boards such as Habitat for Humanity and Mercy Charities. Today his focus is on bringing unity and efficiency to the Church.

Mr. Kammer is very concerned with what he sees in the American political and cultural environment. Public deception, propaganda moral decay are increasing in scale, and the truth is becoming harder and harder to find.

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