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Phillip E. Johnson is considered the father of the Intelligent design movement and has done much to help these ideas gain acceptance and a wider hearing worldwide. Johnson is the author of several books on evolution, philosophical naturalism, and other cultural issues and speaks extensively around the country. Johnson received the 2004 William Wilberforce Award a recognition of an individual who has made a difference in the face of formidable societal problems and injustices. The award is given in honor of William Wilberforce, an eighteenth century British parliamentarian who stood against his party in his campaign to abolish the slave trade and honor the basic human right to life.


  • Darwin on Trial—November 1993
  • Darwinism: Science or Philosophy?—July 1994
  • Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds—July 1997
  • Reason in the Balance—May 1998
  • Objections Sustained—April 2000
  • The Wedge of Truth—August 2002
  • The Right Questions—October 2002

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