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Pinball machines on display at the Pinball Hall of Fame, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pinball is an arcade game. It started out as largely non-electronic game in which one would pull back a spring-loaded plunger and launch a single ball into an assortment of rubber bumpers. The entire pinball table was tilted, so the ball would tend to drop down towards the player. The player would use a pair of paddles on either side of the exit hole to try to hit the ball back up every time it came down. The game ended when the ball got past and exited the playing area.

Since then, the pinball became a game which can be played on computers. Before long, pinball tables were a thing of the past, and the game was only available to be played in a virtual environment on a computer. A pinball game has been included with many Windows operating systems and may be downloaded or played online from many different websites.

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