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The Pirate Party, or the Pirat Partiet is a Swedish political party. It is a liberal libertarian party, supporting freedom of information, repeal of creative copyright laws, universal health care and education, Open Source, and clear separation of church from state.[1] The name itself is a nod to the music and movie industry, reappropriating the word "pirate" which means to infringe copyrights of the industry.


The Pirate party was founded in 2006 by Rikard Falvinge, who had links to the bit-torrent site, The Pirate Bay. It's goals were defined in the 2009 Pirate Party Convention in Uppsala, Sweden, where the primary tenets of ideology were defined.


The Pirate Party has drawn the ire of right wing personalities in Europe. The main criticism is directed at its laissez faire approach on civil rights, and it's opposition to copyright laws.