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Planned Parenthood likes to claim that abortion accounts for just 3% of its services.[1] However, an examination of its finances reveals that much if not most of its income relates to abortion.[2] According to Planned Parenthood's 2007-08 budget, it received $1.038 billion of revenue from the following sources:[3]

Health Center Income $374.7 36.1%
Govt. Grants & Services $349.6 33.7%
Contributions & Requests $244.9 23.6%
Other Operating Revenue $68.9 6.6%
Total Revenue $1,038.1 100.0%

Planned Parenthood's reported $374.7 million of revenue from "Health Center Income". Given that it reported performing 305,130 abortions,[4] at an average cost of $450 (which lines up with statistics from the National Abortion Federation[5]), approximately $137.4 million of that $374.7 million Health Center Income came directly from performing abortions per analysis by Live Action.[6]

Since much of its money comes from Government Grants and Services or Contributions and Requests ($595.5 million) likely related to abortion, in addition to this $137.4 million of direct abortion revenue, it appears probable that as much as half to two-thirds of Planned Parenthood's revenue relates to abortion.


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