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The platypus is a aquatic mammal which lays eggs. Its natural range is in Australia and Tasmania. It has a bill similar in shape to a duck which is very pliable, it also has webbed feet. Like all mammals it has fur and suckles its young.

Platypus jokes

A platypus walks into a bar and tells the bartender,"Got any grapes?" The bartender says ,"No, now go away!." The platypus walks int othe bar again and says, "Got any grapes?" The bartender says,"No and if you ask me that one more time I'll staple your webbed feet into the floor!" The platypus walks into the bar again and says,"Do you have any staples?" And the bartender says,"No." Then the platypus says,"Got any grapes?"

A girl platypus walks into a store to purchase lipstick. "How are you going to pay for this?" asks the cashier. "Just put it on my bill," says the platypus.

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