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Policy Review

Policy Review is one of America's leading conservative journals. It was founded by the Heritage Foundation and was for many years the foundation's flagship publication. In 2001, the publication was acquired by the Stanford, California-based Hoover Institution, though it maintains its office in Washington, D.C..

Policy Review has published some of the best conservative intellectual thinking. Several of its editors from the 1980s and 1990s have gone on to exert influence on national public policy, including:

Some contributing authors to Policy Review have included:

In popular culture

Policy Review is mentioned in the 2003 movie Shattered Glass. Near the beginning of the movie, which is based on actual events, a receptionist for The New Republic says to New Republic writer Stephen Glass (played by Hayden Christensen): "Call for you on three, sweetie...someone from Policy Review."

A female editor played by Chloë Sevigny then turns to Glass and, in a somewhat provocative tone of voice, asks him: "When did you start talking to Policy Review?"[1]


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