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!colspan="2" style="background:#306EFF;text-align:center"|'''<big>Pope Francis I</big>'''
!colspan="2" style="background:#306EFF;text-align:center"|'''<big>Pope Francis I</big>'''
|[[File:Card. Jorge Bergoglio SJ, 2008.jpg|right|200px|thumb|His Holiness, Pope Francis I]]
|[[File:Card. Jorge Bergoglio SJ, 2008.jpg|right|200px|thumb|His Holiness, Pope Francis.]]
|Papacy Began: 13 March 2013  
|Papacy Began: 13 March 2013  

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Pope Francis I
His Holiness, Pope Francis.
Papacy Began: 13 March 2013
Papacy Ended: Currently in office

Predecessor: Pope Benedict XVI Successor: None

Born: 17 December 1936, as Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Nationality: Argentine Motto: Miserando atque eligendo

Reference style: His Holiness

In person: Your Holiness In religion: Holy Father

His Holiness Pope Francis (formerly Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born December 17, 1936, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) became the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church on March 13, 2013. Pope Francis, elected as 266th Roman Catholic pontiff, is the first Jesuit and the first Latin American pope; First non-European pope in 1300 years. He succeeded Pope Benedict XVI, to whom he was reportedly the runner-up in the papal election of 2005. [1] Archbishop Bergoglio was created a cardinal by the late Pope John Paul II.

Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, has been an outspoken critic of homosexual adoption of children, explaining that it is discriminatory against the children.[2] Pope Francis is also strongly pro-life, and has referred abortion as the "culture of death."

Among his teachings and stands, he strongly affirms church teaching on the intrinsic immorality of homosexual practices, though he teaches the importance of respecting homosexual persons. He strongly opposed legislation introduced in 2010 by the Argentine Government to give legal equivalency between true marriage and homosexual partners. [3]

Pope Francis entered the Society of Jesus in 1958. As a Jesuit, Cardinal Bergoglio rejected and opposed liberation theology in South America.

The son of an Italian workman who emigrated to Argentina, Cardinal Bergoglio chose to carry the name of an Italian saint, "Francis", while serving as Pope. And like his papal namesake, St. Francis, Cardinal Bergoglio has an ascetic and humble lifestyle.

Pope Francis has overcome a disability: as a young man, one of his lungs was removed due to illness.

Naming conventions

Vatican tradition holds that when a new Pope is elected and takes a name that has not been used by a prior pope, they will be referred to simply as "Pope ______", rather than "Pope ______ I" until another pope has taken the same name. In this case "Pope Francis". [4]

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