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Pope Francis

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His Holiness Pope Francis (formerly Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born December 17, 1936, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is the Pope (2013-) of the Roman Catholic Church. He succeeded Pope Benedict XVI, to whom he was the runner-up in the papal election of 2005 [1].

Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, has been an outspoken critic of homosexual adoption of children, explaining that it is discriminatory against the children.[2] Pope Francis is also strongly pro-life.

As a Jesuit, Cardinal Bergoglio rejected and opposed liberation theology in South America. The son of an Italian workman who emigrated to Argentina, Cardinal Bergoglio chose to carry the name of an Italian saint, "Francis", while serving as Pope.

Like his papal namesake, St. Francis, Cardinal Bergoglio has an ascetic and humble lifestyle.

Naming conventions

Vatican tradition holds that when a new Pope is elected and takes a name that has not been used by a prior pope, they will be referred to simply as "Pope ______", rather than "Pope ______ I" until another pope has taken the same name. In this case "Pope Francis". [3]