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A predator is an animal that preys on other animals. Animals that are not predators are called herbivores (vegetarians) or scavengers. Some common predatory animals include bears, wolves, foxes, badgers, wolverines, cats, lions, tigers, eagles, hawks, falcons, alligators and sharks. Animals that eat both plants and other animals are known as omnivores.

Predators can also be interpreted as humans that bully and push around others.

It is argued that The Bible teaches us that all animals were herbivores before their expulsion from the Garden of Eden and there were no predators. Different interpretations of the fossil record support different points of view.[1]

"I give every green plant for food" —God, Genesis 1:30

While this verse is commonly interpreted to mean that there were no predators in the Garden, some hold that it means that all plants were given by God as food, i.e. that all plants could be eaten. This interpretation does not preclude the existence of predators.


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