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The characters of Sailor Moon

The Sailor Moon series of anime is aimed at Japanese schoolgirls, and (with some mild censorship) it has made its way to America as well. A 14-year-old girl is given special powers by a magic cat and told to become a "pretty soldier".

"Usagi wants nothing more than to hang out at the video arcade with her friends and flirt with cute guys, like any young girl would. Yet now, she now has this familiar nagging her to be a better fighter, telling her the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. She is being forced to grow up when she should be revelling in her childhood. What Japanese child, or any teenager for that matter, wouldn't relate to that?"[1]
"Also enjoyable was the interpersonal relationships between the girls themselves and how they feel about their parents."[2]

The show's popularity amongst fans has resulted in a spin-off live action series, numerous Sailor Moon-themed musicals and 20 albums.

Critical evaluation

The series has been praised for its original, supposedly Christian emphasis in a culture where less than 1% are Christian. But it has been criticized for the revealing costumes and glimpses of nudity,[3] as well as for the homosexual relationship between two of the girl characters.[4]


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