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This page contains the items that were once on the "Breaking News" section of the Main Page. The articles are mainly about the ACLU.
Last date of Archived news is May 10, 2013. Contains archives from January 2007 to May 2013.

  1. The ACLU wants sex offenders near your children [1]
  2. The ACLU has just announced a $335 million fund-raising campaign intended to strengthen its operations in "heartland" states. In most cases, it will publicly attack in court and out, positions on issues such as "immigrants' rights, gay rights, police brutality and opposition to the death penalty." [2]
  3. ACLU and the Federal Government Support Invasion of Illegal aliens in Washington [3]
  4. The ACLU v. Good Judges [4]
    :Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum believes appointing the right federal and local judges is more important than electing members of Congress or the President. Without solid, constitutionalist judges in place, the ACLU will continue winning cases that encourage the breakdown of traditional values and constitutional rights.
  5. The ACLU is suing to deprive public schools the ability to improve achievement through use of some single-sex classes. Separating boys and girls is known to improve achievement in some circumstances, and is being used by 392 public schools. This lawsuit is in Breckinridge County, Kentucky.[5]
Is the ACLU motivated by the $7.4 million awarded in fees to groups that forced Michigan schools to hold boys and girls sports competitions in the same season? [6]
  1. ACLU Attitudes Infest the Ford Foundation [7]
  2. Cell phone users can now choose a company that will donate some of its profits to liberal causes like the ACLU, Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, Media Matters for America, Rock the Vote, Center for Constitutional Rights, Human Rights Watch, and GLAAD. [8] [9]
  3. A Massachusetts jury completely acquits a pro-family leader for an alleged assault of an ACLU activist who was a counter-demonstrator at a pro-family rally.[10] Are the homosexual activists losing their grip on Massachusetts?
  4. ACLU Should Get a Clue Human Events [11]
    "Is there any organization so consistently anti-American, uncivil, anti-liberty and disunifying?"
  5. Unions Frantic: Will School Choice Referendum Prevail in Utah? Human Events
    The National Education Association (NEA), Utah Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the ACLU and the local NAACP chapter are working together to attack school choice.
  6. Here's a switch - Mormon student, Justice, ACLU Join Up. The Justice Department is joining the ACLU in backing a student who lost his state-funded merit-based scholarship because he left college to serve a two-year church mission. LDSLiving
  7. Judge sides with AFL-CIO, ACLU in putting freeze on Department of Homeland Security Plan to Warn Employers About Hiring Illegals. Fox News: [12] and Washington Post [13]
  8. The ACLU demands $2.3 million in fees for challenging a law against illegal immigration. This demand "illustrates the circus the ACLU brought to this case," the Mayor of Hazelton said. "They had 20 attorneys sitting in the courtroom at a time, 16 of them doing nothing but running up the bill." [14]
  9. But things can go wrong for the ACLU, like when one of their own, who happened to be the head of the Virginia chapter, gets caught and arrested, tried and convicted of downloading child pornography...from his 10 year-old son's bedroom computer! [15]
  10. O'Reilly: Ward Churchill's demise. Bill O'Reilly says "the ACLU is exposed as a fraud" and its condemnation of former Harvard President Lawrence Summers is a double standard. Video
  11. US Cities Suing Street Gangs in Latest Tactic to Fight Drugs, Crime. The ACLU objects. Fox News [16]
  12. A Perception Issue? Revolving door between the American Civil Liberties Union and National Public Radio. NewsBusters:[17]
  13. ACLU Wants the US to Lose the War on Terrorism [18] Jpatt
  14. A Guide to the Political Left: Check out its articles on the ACLU Jpatt
  15. ACLU Doesn't Want to Pay Taxes; Expects Churches to Pay Them [19] Jpatt
  16. A judge has upheld the issuance of Indiana license plates bearing the message "In God We Trust," dismissing a constitutional challenge by the ACLU of Indiana [20] Jpatt
  17. ACLU Is AWOL On Free Speech [21] Jpatt
  18. ACLU Aiding America's Enemies, Again [22] Jpatt
  19. The ACLU assembles a terrorist legal defense force that includes former Attorney General Janet Reno and former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director William Webster [23] Jpatt
  20. America, 1. ACLU, 0 - Supreme Court Rejects ACLU Challenge to Warrantless Surveillance Program. Warrantless surveillance violates the Fourth Amendment. [24][25]
  21. The American Civil Liberties Union lost a lawsuit challenging President Bush's domestic spying program, saying the plaintiffs had no standing to sue. Associated Press article at Fox News. [26] Jpatt
  22. Court Ends Bible Distribution in School [27]
    Guess who sued for that ruling? The ACLU, of course. Jpatt
  23. The ACLU strikes again: it just persuaded the Ninth Circuit to forbid Congress from transferring a cross to private owners who would preserve it in the Mojave Desert, in Buono v. Kempthorne [28] Is there no end to the hostility to Christianity? Jpatt
  24. ACLU deceit in its "'talking points' in case Uncle Harry asks why the ACLU hates Christmas so much: Tell him 'we work year-round to ensure that everyone in America has the freedom to practice their own religion (or no religion) and to keep the government out of religion.'" [29] In fact, the ACLU destroys "the freedom to" pray in the classroom, and its "keep the government out of religion" means atheism at the expense of overwhelmingly religious taxpayers. Jpatt
  25. The ACLU strikes again! This time it has enlisted the Liberal Courts to have banned the private distribution of Bibles in public school. The federal Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit issued this ruling for the ACLU. Doe v. S. Iron R-1 Sch. Dist., 2007 U.S. App. LEXIS 19818 (8th Cir. Aug. 21, 2007). Jpatt
  26. The Seventh Circuit just ruled against the ACLU by overturning "a lower court's decision that sectarian prayers on the floor of the (Indiana) House violated the constitutional separation of church and state."[30] Jpatt
  27. "The court finds the memorial at Mt. Soledad, including its Latin cross, communicates the primarily nonreligious messages of military service, death and sacrifice," wrote U.S. District Judge Larry Alan Burns in his decision filed Tuesday. "As such, despite its location on public land, the memorial is constitutional."[31]
    Thank you, Judge Burns, for standing up to the ACLU and others and making the right decision.
  28. ACLU Opposes Three-Strikes Law [32]
    In its objection, the ACLU ignores both the economic and personal costs of crimes committed by career criminals if left on the streets.
  29. Want sex books within easy reach of your children? The ACLU forced an Idaho public library to do just that: [33]
  30. Separate classes in a New Jersey public school result in "an increase in 'healthy' competition between the boys and girls."[34] The liberal ACLU has sued to stop a similar program in Kentucky, which would deprive students of this benefit.
  31. While gay bigots attack an old lady carrying a cross, their ACLU cohorts in Louisiana attack a small town for daring to have a privately-funded festival that has a Christian band: [35]
  32. Catholic Bishops sued by the ACLU. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides federal grant money to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to help the victims of human trafficking. The ACLU contends that the money is misused because none of it goes toward abortions or contraception. [36]
  33. "Officials ordered to stop prayer at schools," thanks to liberal censorship of prayer in the form of another ACLU lawsuit.[37]
  34. Bill O'Reilly -- Why the ACLU should be condemned: President Obama did the right thing by listening to his generals and refusing to release evidentiary photos of American military people purportedly abusing prisoners. "But the ACLU is not satisfied with the convictions. It wants to damage America and put the lives of American military-people overseas in even more danger. That is the truth. The ACLU does not care about these brave men and women at all." [38]
  35. "Obama refuses to retreat on closing Guantanamo," despite 90-6 vote in the U.S. Senate against him. Instead, Obama met with the ACLU, which then criticized him.[39]
  36. Another victory for the First Amendment: When it came to reciting the Lord's Prayer, the ACLU said Florida's Pace High School couldn't, and sued to make sure it didn't happen. Well, too bad: 400 grads stood up in their ceremony and said it anyway, to a cheering audience: [40] [41]
  37. "Nearly 400 graduating seniors at Pace High School stood up in protest against the ACLU and recited the Lord's Prayer during their graduation ceremony"[42]
  38. "Prayer offered for Kennedy at Capitol" by the chaplain for the House of Representatives: "Lord, You knew his hopes were unquenchable, full of immortality. You knew his strengths and his limitations. He knew You, Lord."[43] A bit odd, isn't it, to have a government-sponsored prayer for a liberal champion of the censorship of classroom prayer? Why isn't the ACLU objecting to this prayer? Because liberals have double standards.
  39. ACLU Accuses Fresno, California Professor of Teaching "Religious Bias" Because He Told Students The Truth. [44]
  40. Liberal censors strike out again: Florida "House panel OKs school prayer bill" that prevents school administrators from interfering with teacher participation in student-led prayer. "Courtenay Strickland, public-policy director for the ACLU, said the organization does not want to stop anyone from freely exercising their rights, but didn’t want any public officials involved."[45]
    Give it up, ACLU. It's a free country for everyone, including Christian teachers.
  41. Battles Loom Over Holding Public school Graduations In A Church - Even Without Prayers! , five Connecticut school districts last year said they'd hold their June commencements at an area megachurch. The state chapter of the atheistic American Civil Liberties Union complained and all five scuttled their plans, but one, in Enfield, Connecticut, changed its mind after assurances from a "Christian legal advocacy" group — The American Center for Law & Justice — that it would support the district if the liberal ACLU sued. [46]
  42. The liberal ACLU strikes again: "the Rhode Island branch of the American Civil Liberties Union is contesting a new mandatory school uniform policy for all students in Woonsocket’s public schools." [47] Why doesn't the ACLU sue over how public schools produce illiterates and vandals instead?
  43. Bah Humbug: The ACLU clamps down on schools celebrating Christmas in Tennessee. [48]
  44. Hospital loses its Catholic affiliation after performing an abortion. Bishop Thomas Olmsted's decision sparked outrage from the ACLU, "The dioceses cannot be permitted to dictate who lives and who dies in Catholic-owned hospitals." [49] Unlike the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, the diocese believes that all people are deserving of life.
  45. Liberal groups move against Utah's illegal immigration reforms. Suit filed by the ACLU on behalf of several Soros' funded groups: National Immigration Law Center, SEIU, La Raza and others. [50]
  46. Victory against liberal censorship: Florida school district tosses draconian ACLU prayer ban into the trash can where it belongs. "We are pleased that freedom has been restored to Santa Rose County," said Mathew D. Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel and dean of Liberty University School of Law. "It is appropriate to celebrate these restored freedoms as America celebrates Independence Day. From the beginning we contended that this consent decree went too far and swallowed up the rights of teachers, staff, students and members of the community. The Constitution is not some relic that can be discarded at will."[51]
  47. Atheists prepare for the difficult road ahead: Sunday marks the start of what Christians call Advent. [52] "I once wanted to become an atheist but I gave up . . . they have no holidays." - Henny Youngman Attention all atheists and the ACLU: If you whine and kvetch about Christmas manger scenes and engage in other "War on Christmas" activities, YouTube Christian Shockofgod and his fans are liable to double or triple their Question evolution! campaign activities![53] Happy holidays!
  48. Live Nativity Scene on display at the Supreme Court starting November 30th. The ACLU is on the losing end of this fight, "Our Constitution provides freedom 'of' religion not freedom 'from' religion." [54]
  49. Even the ACLU and other major leftist organizations have slammed Obama for signing the NDAA with its detainee provisions. [55] Note to those left-leaning liberals: you voted for it!
  50. Some public schools have drifted so far to the Left that even the ACLU is objecting: "ACLU: Wolcott High School Wrong To Outlaw Anti-Gay Shirt." [56] But what did the ACLU think would happen after the censorship of Christianity?
  51. Yes, you can legitimately blame liberals for the Connecticut school shooting. Why? Months before Adam Lanza played with guns for the last time, the liberal ACLU STOPPED Connecticut Senate Bill 452, which they claimed would have infringed on the rights of the mentally ill without their consent. [57] So, we have a liberal organization saying you can't forcibly medicate someone who's nuts without their consent. As opposed to killing children without their consent?
  52. "ACLU drops challenge to Kansas abortion law," after a court had issued a key ruling against the attempt to overturn the good law. [58]
  53. The Ten Commandments survive another legal challenge, which evaporates when a plaintiff hits the road—literally. Hint: a nomadic plaintiff lacks standing. But a nomadic Ten Commandments will bring The Message out to even more people. [59]
  54. When the American Civil Liberties Union says a new law by a Democrat threatens privacy, the Democrats know they have problems. The ACLU raises strong concerns about the latest gun control law in the Senate. [60]